Monthly Archives: May 2008


I am sore and it’s quite pathetic. 

It’s not like I’m super out of shape, but I could be better and I know it.  I try to keep active but I’ve been taking it easy lately because I’ve been feeling exhausted.  I know why I’m exhausted and I’m working on it. 

So, yesterday after lunch the group of us decided to go for a walk.  Pretty simple, right?  Well, I think I pushed myself a bit too much on the walk because when I went out last night I came out of my car and I thought I was going to buckle from the pain.  I actually think I pulled a muscle on my ass.  I know, hilarious…actually, not so much.  I have bad back problems historically, and I think it probably wasn’t such a good idea to be pounding the pavement the way I did with not the greatest shoes.  Well, I was wearing very good flat shoes, but I don’t think it provided enough cushion, so my guess is that’s probably why my hips and ass were hurting.  Goodness, this really is pathetic, I’m too young to be so crippled!

Its made me think that I need to do more exercise now because it just goes to show that I’m obviously not doing enough to keep myself fit.  Cause if I was fit why would my ass be hurting?  😡


I met up with my former co-worker last night.  It was nice to see her, but I’m also glad I don’t see her everyday anymore.  I know, it sounds mean, but I’m honestly not being mean.  For my health and wellness its good that I see her only once in awhile now.

Have you ever been friends with someone who’s always hyper or high-stressed?  So much so that they make you feel the same way?  She’s like that for me. I use to have lunch with her everyday and also with a bunch of other women.  And, she was not only loud but just very hyper, and it stressed me out just watching her!  I’ve never had anyone make me feel this way.  She was also one of those people who had to have all the attention on her and she told stories, very detailed, all through out lunch.  I just wanted to sit quietly and eat, you know?

Anyways, she has a very good heart, a little moody, but she has good intentions and it was good to see her.  We got caught up with all the gossip at my former work place and it feels good to know that I made the right decision to move on.  Plus, honestly, its nice to have relaxing lunches again.  I miss her and the girls I had lunch with, but I don’t miss the craziness of it all.  On my last day I had brought food for everyone and she just went crazy arranging stuff and portioning things that I finally had to tell her to stop because she was making my last lunch way too stressful!  She wouldn’t stop fussing, so I had to tell her to stop the madness.

As I get older, it becomes more important for me to maintain some calm….so even though I miss having lunch with them, its nice to have my sanity and calm atmosphere back.  😉


I was down in Buffalo this weekend, as mentioned below.  It was totally unplanned and I was totally guilted into it – but I won’t rehash the story cause it just pisses me off (still!).  Now, I’ve crossed the border a million times and I’ve had my fair share of stupid questioning at the border.  This weekend topped it though.  I realize that they are trying to do their job and probably trying to see if they can rattle me, but sometimes you have to wonder about the intelligence of these customs officers. 

Stupid question #1: “Your hubcap’s missing” – now isn’t that observant, I never knew that was against the law or a relevant question when you’re trying to get into the States.  I wonder if there is a rule where I have to have all four hubcaps on my tires?  Cause when I told him it was taken, he didn’t seem to believe me, I had to repeat myself twice.  What I should have said was that there were so many drug packets lined inside of the tire that I had to remove the hubcap to give it space..yeah, right.  Really, how relevant is it that I’m missing a hubcap?

Stupid question #2: “So, you went to university to make stickers” – that one made my friend and I burst out laughing cause it was so damn stupid and demeaning.  The border guy actually laughed too, and I think he was embarassed, cause I could tell he realized it wasn’t a smart question.  My friend already told him what she did and where she worked, but apparently he’s not only dumb, but deaf too.

There were other questions, but I won’t embarass the U.S. customs officers any further.  You would think by his line of questioning he thought we were trying to import drugs or go to Buffalo to prostitute ourselves or something.  He certainly inspected my car carefully.  He also made a point of asking over and over again if we were only going for the day and that we would return to Toronto right away.  Yes, Buffalo is not our dream destination and we wouldn’t dare stay longer than we have to.

I think the best stupid thing that a U.S. customs office did once was look at my passport, I’m Asian, and then look at my friend, who’s Albanian, and asked her if she was me.  Like, hello, I never knew Albanian people looked Asian.  Trust me, my friend and I do not look alike.  Makes me shake my head to think that these people are suppose to be protecting the United States.  Granted, Canadian customs isn’t any better, but the U.S. can’t say they are that great either.  I can give them great examples to support that.  😉


This weekend I took my friend’s mother out to buy flowers for her garden.  I do this once a year for her because her son is good for nothing.  Anyways, we went to three places – Crappy Tire (aka Canadian Tire), Home Depot and Dominions.

I was in a foul mood on Saturday due to the fact that I was being guilted into a trip across the border, more on that another time.  So, that affected my patience on Saturday.  My friend’s mother was complaining the whole time we were out.  She kept saying the plants looked terrible and the vegetable plants were too small.  And, she was on this mission to get cucumbers for her vegetable garden but couldn’t find it.  So, I was helping her and when we got to Dominions, our last stop, I was at my wit’s end.  She was behind me and she goes “oh, it won’t be here” and I looked and guess what?  Cucumbers!  I kinda snapped at her and said “look Ms. Negativity, there’s your cucumbers so stop the complaining!”.  I normally don’t snap at her, and I typically have great patience with her, but I was just not in the mood – and her constant complaining was not helping.  

Actually, my friend and I got scolded at Crappy tire, yeah, like the guy knows how much we both do for her and I’m not even her daughter!  We weren’t even snapping at her, I was just making fun and trying to block her from buying anymore flowers (my car was packed).  I hate when people think they can judge you.

So, we got to Home Depot and she was looking at the flowers, hymning and hawing over what to get. She was reaching for these flowers and my friend goes to her mother “just ask the lady to help you!”.  The home depot lady went over to help her and asked her which one she would like.  My friends mother replies “I don’t know, make sure it’s a good one”.  We started to laugh and laugh because we couldn’t believe she said that to the poor women.

Shopping, whether its for flowers or groceries, is always an adventure with this women.


I was awoken last night, just before falling asleep by a call from a former co-worker in Vancouver.  I was so pleasantly surprised by it.  Even though I was this close to falling asleep.

We started in on all the gossip that’s gone on at the company I use to work for.  I breath a sigh of relief that I’m no longer there.  I mean, don’t we all with our former jobs? 

We got into a discussion about a former mutual co-worker of ours and how much she’s changed.  Or maybe she hasn’t changed and has always been a self-serving you-know-what.  I’d say “bitch” but that would be too  Seriously, it’s sad because I use to be very close to this mutual co-worker and we were friends outside of work.  I helped her out when no one else would and what did I get?  A stab in the back, that’s what I got.  And, for that, I won’t speak to her again.  I can forgive her, but I can’t be friends with her.  And, apparently she’s done the same thing to my former co-worker, which sucks because this women helped her get her job (that’s right my former co-worker’s job – she retired) when she moved back to Vancouver and the way she’s treated her since is atrocious. 

Anyways, this former co-worker was happy that I had started a new job.  She was calling to tell me that she had given me a glowing reference – again, after I already started the job!  I told her where my frist business trip would be and she was so excited for me.  She told me I should come visit her, I always stay with her when I go to Vancouver.  I’d love to get out to Vancouver, but I haven’t determined my travel schedule right now at work, so I can’t commit to anything, which sucks.

It was so nice to catch-up with her because I’ve missed that connection with my Vancouver “family”.  Vancouver will always be my second home.  🙂