So, my friend’s birthday was yesterday, and I asked her what she wanted to do.  She wanted to go to the Corningware outlet in Pickering, exciting, no?  

She was also on a mission to get a pedicure and manicure.  I wasn’t digging the pedicure only because I really hate anyone touching my feet.  I am super ticklish and although I’ve gotten over my fear of massages, my feet, not so much.

She finally found somewhere in Pickering that would take us at the last minute.  And, after a lot of debate, I decided to dive in and give my virgin feet a pedicure and also get a manicure.  I certainly was very doubtful even after I decided to do it because I kept trying to talk myself into it.  My friend was getting worried about me because I looked a bit panicked. 

So, it started with a soak.  We sat on these amazing massage chairs and when my feet hit the water, I started to giggle.  There was this jet stream going on in the water and it was tickling my feet.  Then the spa lady took my feet and rubbed some kinda stuff on it, my immediate reaction was to laugh and squirm in my chair.  Seriously, I looked like I was almost going to kick her.  Instead, I tried my best not to go with my instinct of wanting to actually swing my leg at her.  It was tough.  And, when she took my left foot, which appears to be even more ticklish, I actually did pull my foot away because the urge to kick and squirm was strong.  I was thinking there was no way I would get through this without injury to the spa lady.

My friend looked at me a bit worried and started to chat with me to get it off my mind.  After calming down I realized I needed to just relax.  Enjoy the experience, not put my foot into this poor lady’s face.  She asked me if I wanted the scrub that came with a massage for my feet, I was a bit reluctant, but then decided to go for it because I was really wasting my money if I didn’t do it.  Surprisedly, that was very nice, ticklish, but nice and it wasn’t so ticklish that I was squirming.  I think it helped that she was using a scrub because the added pressure made it less ticklish.

So, there you have it, I survived my first pedicure without injury to the spa lady.  And, my feet look really pretty and smooth with the callous’ removed.  

P.S. – will I do it again?  Hell no!  😀

One response to “FIRST PEDICURE

  1. thegirlfromtheghetto

    I am so glad you popped your pedicure cherry. Pedicures are fabulous!

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