I was looking around my kitchen, thinking of ways to keep it clear/organized and make sure that most of whats in my cupboards and fridge is healthy. And, then I noticed all the damn chocolate I have in the fridge and some of it just laying around.

So, before you go “typical girl and her chocolate thing”, let me just state that I’m actually the complete opposite of that. I love salty things by nature and gravitate towards that more than sweet stuff (although, don’t get me started on cake). Why all the chocolate? It’s a rarity to see me eat a chocolate bar. But, there are very, very rare moments where I actually crave some chocolate and when I do, I do the stupid thing and buy a bunch of chocolate thinking I’ll crave it again and then I don’t. The chocolate sits in my fridge or on my counter or whatever for the longest time with me not touching it. Very bad habit.

Now, I’m left with the task of throwing it out (I’m not donating it, I don’t think it’s fresh and wouldn’t want anyone to get sick from it). Such a waste of food and I’m mad at myself for wasting it. I have a tendency to do things like that. I’ll have a craving for something, buy it, then never eat it again and it goes wasted. I’m trying very hard not to do that anymore. I’ve been getting better at it, but I realize I need to try a bit harder to be buying only what I’ll eat. Considering all the people out there who are starving and there I am wasting food, I feel it’s only right that I start being more responsible about the food I consume and how much I waste.

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