I’m at the tail end of my vacation and just relaxing and packing on my last full day.  I went on vacation witha group of friends, it was interesting.  We rented a house that’s on this canal in Florida.  It’s a  nice house – worth$1.2 million according to its sales price.  It’s a five minute walk from the beach.  The beach is surprisingly nice, white sand and not the kind that feels yucky, cause I’m not a fan of sand.  The water stretches for miles and wasn’t very deep which was good.  And, there’s a ton of shells to pick and also a ton of sand dollars lying around that you can grab. 


I’ve never rented a house before with a bunch of people.  I’ve done the cottage thing, but that’s a bit different, usually I just stay for the weekend, not a whole week.  Interesting dynamics.  There isn’t a lot to do where we are other than shopping.  There is water sports, kayaking, paddle boating, etc.  I was going to kayak, but it ended up not working out, which kinda pissed me off, but I don’t want to think about it again. 

So, today is the 4th of July and there was a parade going on.  Very much like Mardi Gras, they throw candy and necklaces out to the crowd.  The floats played loud music, it was very entertaining.  Americans sure do love celebrating the 4th.  I don’t think Canadians are as patriotic as Americans.  Nonetheless, it was fun.  I’ve done 4th of July in the west coast and it’s a bit different there, not as rowdy. 

Florida is not my favourite state, even though I’ve pretty much been all over the state.  But having seen a different side of it, I appreciate it more – there actually is beauty other than the swamps (well, Key West and Miami are pretty nice I got to admit).  Would I come back here again?  Probably not, and if I did, definitely not with the same people.  I’m glad I went away, but I’m also glad I’m going home soon.  I want to sleep in my own bed.  😉

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