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I’ve been procrastinating, as I do when I don’t want to do something and now it’s almost the 11th hour and I will be a busy little bee today when I leave work at noon.  I leave early, but can’t exactly rejoice since I must immediately run around the city to get all my licenses renewed.

My health, drivers and vehicle licenses are all expiring in September, my birthday month.  Ugh.  And, its not like I can go to the Service Ontario Kiosk and get them renewed, well, only my vehicle license cause they don’t need a pic of my precious car.  So, I’ll be running around.  Why can’t they all be at the same location?  It would certainly make my life so much more easier.  Right…not like they didn’t notify me, oh…2 months ago.  Look at this procrastination, the horror!

So I’m off to the OHIP office, the Drivers Licensing office and then need to take my car to my mechanic.  I gotta give it a emissions test, which I keep calling Air Care because that’s what they called it in British Columbia.  What was nice in Vancouver is that I could just pull into an air care place and have it done.  Here, in Ontario, they are not that sophisticated – they don’t have central service centers for emissions test, you have to go to your mechanic.  And, I can’t renew my vehicle license without it and I have to do it before Monday – that new $60 fee they are laying on everyone here in Ontario is effective that day – so time’s a ticking.  Goddamn the freaking government….um….I mean municipal government.

I’m glad I’m not flying anywhere this long weekend, for once.  I really need to get all this done and I’m flying out for business after the long weekend.  I’m going to Vegas…not my favourite city, but it’ll be nice to be away from the office cause it’s been crazy busy recently.  

So, I’m really looking forward to this long weekend, even though its starting off a little hairy, it’ll be nice to spend it with family and friends and relax.  😉


I haven’t been sleeping well, in fact, I haven’t slept well in many years.  I use to sleep right through the night, but I don’t anymore.  Sometimes I wonder if its because of my snoring?  I don’t really want to go to a sleep clinic because all they ever want to do is loop you up with drugs.  No thanks, I’m not big on taking drugs to cure all ailments.

So, I’ve been up since 6am, therefore my blogging.  I had a particularly hard time sleeping last night.  I’ve been reading before going to bed hoping that this relaxes me enough to sleep, but that hasn’t worked.  And, no, I don’t do the milk thing before bed.  Once I brush my teeth, no food shall pass.  I’m a little anal that way.  It’s not like I’ve had a lot on my mind, I mean I have a few things on my mind, but nothing that is stressing me out.  Maybe worrisome, but not stressful. 

Perhaps another reason could be my bed instead of the snoring.  I’ve had the mattress for over 10 years now and I know you’re suppose to change the mattress within 10 years, so perhaps its time to go mattress shopping?  The reason why I think it might be my bed is because when I sleep on a nice hotel mattress, like the one I recently slept on when I was in Chicago, I get a  good nights sleep.  But, I’m holding off on purchasing the mattress though because I’m not sure whether my living situation will be changing.  Although, if I’m honest, its not really the reason, I’m just too damn lazy to go mattress shopping 😀 .

Well, I hope to make-up all this lost sleep on the weekend.  I have plans, but thankfully it doesn’t involve me waking up early!


My boss and I were reviewing our travel schedule for next year.  “Hell Months” are January and February.  So, basically I have no life from the middle of January to about the middle of February.  Its like a juggling act, trying to stretch the two of us so that we’re able to be at the events we have to be at.

I don’t mind all the traveling, its part of my job, its what I signed up for.  I just need to make sure that I’m healthy.  I don’t want to become sick. I’m not prone to getting sick easily, but with all the flights I’ll be taking I know that my immune system will be weakened.  And, the weather changes won’t help either.

Most of the travel will be within North America, with one trip to Europe.  My boss had been thinking about sending me, but is now thinking against it.  She said she almost lost it because of the frustration of it all.  I told her I’d be fine, wouldn’t become a mess and would make sure the people we hired spoke English.  English is not the first or second choice of language in this country but I’m sure I’ll be fine, if I go.  I’m not digging going to Europe, its not my top destination choice, but my boss has a child, and I know her reluctance to travel so much, so I should go so she can stay home.  We’ll see what happens, it looks like she’s trying to protect me, its kinda funny.

I mentioned to her that Chinese New Year’s is somewhere between all this chaos.  She looked at the schedule again, then determined that I should stay in Toronto then fly out to the other events.  Isn’t that nice? She’s working around the Chinese New Year, even though I told I’d be fine if I had to miss it.  Anyways, right now, everything’s up in the air, but at least I have an idea of what my life will be like.

I’m liking my random travel schedule, it mixes up the daily 9 to 5 grind that I loathe.  I’m not saying this my dream job, far from it, but for now it suits me.  I went to visit my former co-workers last week, as a surprise, and it felt good not to be there anymore.  Everyone is stressed and unhappy.  But, you know what? Every job has its “thing” and its a matter of how you deal with it.  If I’m not happy, I’m not going to stay somewhere that’s making me miserable.  Would you?


I was looking at some flights yesterday, as I’ve been pondering a trip sometime in the fall – although haven’t decided where I want to go (as per usual, I’m being spontaneous in my choice).  I noticed the significant price hike in the air fares and was shocked.  What….the….hell?

This is a huge bummer for me because I have been accumulating lieu days like you wouldn’t believe and my hope was to go away for a few days in the fall.  Now, I’m not so sure anymore.  It just pains me to fork out so much money for a flight that is only 2 – 4 hours at the most dependent on where I end up.  Maybe I’m just being cheap, although I’ve never been known to be cheap, but it just doesn’t feel right to pay so much for such a short flight.

On the other hand, I’m dying to go away.  Of course, when am I ever not dying to go away?  Ok, that’s not the point, the point is that this is a big hindrance for me for future travels if I’m going to have to pay an extra $100 – 115 because of fuel costs and whatever else the airlines make-up to charge us more.  I have to re-juggle my budget for travel now.  Ugh.

I’m annoyed.  Can you tell?  Therefore all the bitching and complaining.  Anyways, not much I can do about it I suppose.  I have to suck it up if I want to go somewhere, otherwise my other option is to do something locally for this year and save my money for a trip next year.  And, that’s not a bad idea.  I wouldn’t mind exploring the Niagara region, there’s trails I could try and wine tasting I could do…ok, not so much since I don’t drink, but you get the picture, there’s much to do right where I already am.  Hm…I’m getting encouraged by this.

Well, whatever I decide, I’m using my lieu days.  I earned them.  😉


My favourite purchase at the Ex….well, it was practically my only purchase other than an olive tapenade.  And, I actually didn’t buy this bag, my brother bought it for me.  Its from a Fair Trade vendor at the Ex.  They had all these interesting bags there but I liked this one the best because, well, cause it says “S.N.U.B.” on it.  I saw a few other bags that I liked at other stalls, but they were so overpriced.  I was not willing to pay $60 on a bag that was just fabric.  So, why not a bag that’s good for the environment and has a catchy phrase and is only $4.99?

The Ex was a bit nicer this year than last year.  There seemed to be more rides this year.  Last year it was all about the vendors and buying stuff.  It was much better this year around.  The weather was fabulous too.  It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cool.  Just about right and it was sunny, which was nice for a change.  We’ve had so much rain recently it’s been crazy.

I tried not to eat my way around the Ex, but it was hard.  I started off with some Tiny Tom donuts, seriously, I’ve blogged about this before, but you cannot go to the Ex without having these damn donuts.  Its not a visit unless you partake in some.  Then we went to lunch and I wasn’t too bad, but I had an ice cream cone afterwards.  I love soft serve ice cream.  I love ice cream, period.  Anyways, other than that I didn’t have any other bad snacks, so not too bad considering last year I almost ate my way around the Ex.

My favourite game at the Ex is the fishing game, where you have this rod and a magnet at the end of the rod.  Your mission is to catch the fish with your magnet and when you do you get a prize.  I like the games where you always get a prize.  I think I spent about $40 on the boys doing those various types of games, but it was just so nice to see a big, happy, excited smile on their faces when they won stuff.

I may be too old to go on the rides, but I’m never too old to go to the Ex.  Always brings back great memories.  😛