The subject title looks like I’m going to go kung fu panda on someone, but nope, I’m not.  Nothing that exciting or funny.

I started clean sweeping my spare bedroom this past weekend.  I’ve been dreading it but decided its time to take some action.  When I’m worried or upset about something, cleaning seems to help.  It takes some of the edge off of what I’m thinking about or feeling.  Music also does the same thing.  But, music wasn’t going to do it.  Anyways, I started going at it and its overwhelming the amount of shit I’ve accumulated.  Amazing.

I went out and bought a bunch of bins to organize my stuff into so that when I eventually move, and I will, it won’t be so crazy.  For a moment there, I almost threw out all the packing boxes (that were organized with stuff and cleaned out) that I stacked neatly in my den and spare bedroom without looking at them.  Honestly, I have not had to open them to look for anything in the five years I’ve lived here.  But, I figured I should take a quick look at them before chucking them.  Just in case I stuffed some kinda documents inside.

I’m not a hoarder, in fact I’m the opposite of a hoarder.  But, in the past year I’ve just been buying stuff and then throwing the bags into the spare bedroom.  So, it became this mountain of bags that I wasn’t quite sure what was in them over time.  It was crazy.  The timing was perfect for it to be done.   It was good to have the cleaning to do and try not to think too much about what’s going on with my friend.

I’m no where near finished, which is sad.  What is even sadder is that I found about 10 lip glosses that I had bought over the past year…wtf?  I don’t need lip gloss for a very long time at the rate I’m buying them.  You see, I stopped wearing lipstick this past year and then apparently went on a lip gloss buying frenzy.  Sometimes I wonder about myself.

I’ll be back at my cleaning this weekend…hopefully I’ll finish it all this weekend.  Although I have my nephews this weekend, but I should be able to fit it all in, cause I can’t take anymore of this cleaning! 😉

One response to “TAKING ACTION

  1. Cleaning takes things off my mind too. I love the feeling I get after I clean up a room or my apartment. Everything in it’s place and looking good.

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