I’ve been thinking about my friend and how she’s doing. Its been on my mind.  I’ve been wanting to call her, but….well, my other friend told me to give her some space.  I keep thinking how I’d like to drop kick her husband right where it hurts if I ever saw him again.  I’m not a violent person, but the thought of causing him great pain just seems right.  I know, I know, violence will not get me anywhere.

Work has been busy lately.  I’ve been feeling very disorganized – but not because I’m disorganized (I’m not), mostly because the company is disorganized.  Many, many people have told me its not me, its the company.  I’m not stressed by it, but I need to wrap my head around how I can make it work for me.  And, I’m still new, although I’m starting to understand the whole business, slowly, but I’m getting there.  I have another business trip coming up after Labour Day weekend.  It should be fun and I’ll accumulate two more lieu days that I can use for vacation.  Business travel isn’t glamorous, but its a nice break from the daily grind of going into work.  And, I’m definitely going to pack efficiently this time. I refuse to carry around tons of stuff.

So, I’ve set myself a goal of reducing everything I own by 50%.  I finished clean sweeping the condo, it looks awesome, clutter-free.  My spare bedroom has never looked so good – the whole condo looks great.  But, I still have a bit of work ahead of me because all I did was garbage the obvious stuff, but now I need to really go through it one more time and determine what I want to donate and that includes my clothes as well.  Its a daunting task, but I plan to be done by the end of this month. I want to be able to give away half of my things.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, going to the EX, Canadian National Exhibition.  It starts today. It’ll be a family outing, so the nephews will be there.  It’ll be fun but a bit exhausting I figure.  And, I’m only working a half day today so I get to play in the afternoon, how great is that to start the weekend? 😉

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