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My friends and I were having a discussion over the weekend about our friend.  We took her daughter and her to Buffalo over the weekend to get them out and enjoying themselves.

Both of my friends are very frustrated by her because she can’t get her shit together and because she’s so dependent on others to do everything for her.  Considering the circumstances that she finds herself in right now, I think she’s doing alright, but she could probably be a little more on top of what’s going on with the police investigation, her daughter’s therapy and getting her finances together.

I’m a pretty independent person.  I learned to be very independent when I moved to the west coast 11 years ago.  I had to rely solely on myself to do things because I had no one there.  It made me a stronger person and I learned a lot about myself and what I could accomplish by myself.  Having said that, our friend has never established independence.  She married at a young age and depended heavily on her husband.  And, now, she finds herself in a situation where she needs to really get a handle on whats going on.

As my friends and I were discussing this, I couldn’t help but notice, very clearly, how we ourselves are enabling her dependent behaviour.  Although my friend is frustrated, it doesn’t occur to her, for instance, when she was telling me she was thinking about filling out passport papers for our friend because she doesn’t believe she can do it, that she is actually hindering our friend from learning how to do it on her own.  I always tell it like it is and so I told my friends that we are doing her no favours by babying her or having no faith in her to be able to learn to do things.  If we give her confidence, she’ll feel confident, but if we just do it for her because we’re frustrated by her lack of ambition and ability, then we’re doing her a disservice by being so complacent ourselves and just doing it for her.

And, in the end of it, we can’t control how she figures her way out of the situation she’s in right now because honestly its not like she wants to be in this situation.  Her bastard husband has put her in this situation.  So, really, we all need to give her a break and instead of badgering the poor women, give her some confidence and encouragement so that she’ll be willing to learn to do the things she doesn’t know how to do, and not feeling insecure because she feels no one believes she can do it. 

A little faith in someone goes a long way.

6 Unspectacular Things About Me

Alright…I don’t usually do this, but Aria tagged me and I don’t wanna be rude, so here is the list – what the hell is a “meme”?? :

  1. I don’t like cats – I know, inhumane, but actually I’m allergic to them – not in a bad way, but enough to annoy me.  Lets just say breathing is difficult around cats.
  2. I’m a pretty good cook, people seemed surprised to learn this.  I have no idea why this is.
  3. My pinky finger is abnormally small (no, really it is I’ve compared it with a lot of people).  Its cute and yet it stopped me from a career as a concert…kidding, seriously, me, a concert pianist?
  4. I hate cooked carrots and can only eat them raw. 
  5. I hate raw celery and I can only eat them cooked.
  6. I’ve always wished I could play guitar…you see, the damn abnormally small pinky is ruining me!

And, there you have it, 6 very, very unspectacular things about me.  Whee…glad that’s over.

P.S. I realize I’m not following the rules of this “Meme” thing, but when have I ever followed rules?  😛


It’s time for a good old food blog about one of my favourites.

I could never be a vegetarian, it just goes against everything I…kidding.  Veggies are good, eating them full time?  Not my dream choice.  I just love meat too much.  It’s all about the protein.

I’m going out for some Korean BBQ with a friend on Friday night, my absolute favourite thing to do – so its been on my mind cause I’ve been craving a good Korean bbq for awhile.  The first time I tried it was about 15 years ago when the first one came to Toronto.  The best Korean BBQ I’ve ever had was in Vancouver, where they are actually owed by Korean’s rather than Chinese people, which is the case here in Toronto.  This particular Korean bbq place used coals from Korean to heat up the grill, so the flavour was different and cooking time was faster because it was so hot, much better than an electric/gas grill.

Anyways, before I slobber any more, I’m also going to a “regular” barbeque on Sunday.  Burgers, chicken, hot dogs, etc.  Since its my birthday month, all my friends have been asking me what I want to do.  My response?  BBQ.  I’ve been celebrating my birthday like this for a few years, with a simple barbeque.  I don’t need to party it up at a bar, something simple with friends is usually what I prefer.

I’ll be in bbq heaven this weekend.  And considering the weather is going to change soon – I better get in as much as I can before it gets cold.  I love grilled meat, but not so much that I’d freeze my ass off in the winter for it.  😉


I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival on Friday night.  It was a good way to end off a crazy week back at work.  Thankfully it didn’t rain, like it was suppose to that night.  I needed to unwind and a walk around the festival was a good way to do that.  Every year its held at Ontario Place. 

I always go with my parents and their friend.  Seems to have become a tradition now.  Below is some of what I saw, its amazing what they can do: 

Starting on my walk.......

Starting on my walk.......






 The two temples on the side were constructed out of plates and cups, amazing.


Well, it wasn’t the trip from hell – close – but my trip to Edmonton through Regina takes the cake for now in terms of trips from hell.

I got in really late last night.  Luckily, the person I’m traveling with brought her partner with her, they don’t like to be apart for too long, so she’s not as super hyper about getting the day started as my boss would be.  So, I’m just lounging right now waiting for them to finish their breakfast.  Its odd not to get going right in the morning.  It’s like lunch hour in Toronto but it’s not yet 10am here in Vegas.

The hotel I’m staying at is just off the strip.  We’re right next to the convention center where the event is taking place, so that’s good.  But, I am damn tired.  We didn’t check into the hotel till after midnight and I didn’t get into bed till almost 2am.  I decided to have room service – cause I had not eaten proper all day long.

Crazy ass pillows...I kid you not!

Crazy ass pillows...I kid you not!

My bed is rather odd – it doesn’t go right up against the wall, so I feel like if I’m not careful my head is going to fall right over the edge of the bed or something.  I tried to push the bed back…yeah, that was stupid since the bed is a gazillion pounds and I nudge it not even a millimeter.  Defeated, I just left the fluffy pillows that serve as blocking this gap.  I’m not a fan of huge ass pillows on my bed (and look how many!), but what can you do?  I rather not be worried that my head’s gonna fall off the edge of the bed all night, so pillows be damn, they can stay.

I’m writing silliness right now cause I’m bored and I’m waiting for my day to start.  I don’t know how this co-worker thinks we’re going to get everything done today, but whatever, I’m just here to help and enjoy Vegas…I guess.


at the airport…goddamn 😡 .

I tried to be all organized, except for one damn freaking detail, I didn’t check my flight before I left.  I normally don’t, I like to live life on the edge…yeah, right, I love waiting 6 hours in the airport. So, I got to the airport early, thinking my flight was leaving at 4pm, wrong.  They apparently cancelled my flight, rebooked me on another flight, but didn’t bother to send me a note or call me about this change.  I’m telling the exec assistant next time – please don’t book through expedia, they suck monkey balls.  I should know, I booked my Chicago trip through them and it was a bit of a nightmare.

Anyways, I digress.  So, I’m at the airport right now, enjoying some WiFi and drinking some Timmy’s.  I guess I can’t complain too much, I got out of work early and now I’m just kinda lounging.  Although I’ll be getting into Vegas at 10:30, and probably be super tired.  But, I guess thats the price of business travel.  You’re at the mercy of the weather (the check-in person blamed Chicago cause my original flight had a stopover there – but that’s b.s. cause I just heard a final boarding call for a flight to Chicago – the truth is it was probably cancelled because of low numbers) and the airlines. 

On a totally different note, I’ve been feeling anxious lately.  Its been a bit crazy at work, life has been kinda crazy and I’m feeling…..well, how I’m always feeling and if you know me, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  big sigh…………


My one and only....

My one and only....

My friend’s mother’s favourite saying is “I never have luck” said with a thick Albanian accent. 

So, I had my own “I never have luck” moment this weekend – right before I saw this friend and her mother – what a coincidence, eh?  I was on the highway on Sunday, on my way to my friends place, and there was squealing coming out of the passenger side of my engine.  I knew what it was, it had been squealing for some time now, but I had been ignoring it.  I had been in a rush on Friday and decided not to have my mechanic look at it, I thought it’d be fine.  Well, the squealing got louder and then all of a sudden it died down and then it stopped.  I heard a few “clunk, clunks”, some rumbling, and then nothing.  I checked my rear view and couldn’t see any flying pieces coming from my car.  I figured it wasn’t anything cause my car was still working.

First thing I noticed was the air conditioning had conked out.  Then when I exited the highway my steering wheel was stiff.  My power steering was kaput.  Great…and to think I could have prevented this.  What are the odds, eh?  My car has done this to me before.  I’d go to the mechanic, things would be fine and next thing you know the car decides to call it day and breaks down. 

My dad figured out it was a belt that had flown off – the one I couldn’t see fly off – it was for the compressor for the AC and my power steering.  Luckily (hm, maybe I’m not that unlucky) my car is an older model, so unlike some newer cars, I don’t have just one belt that runs everything.  Otherwise I would have been in trouble if that was the case.

So, the car’s fixed now, I wanted it done before I left for my business trip and it works beautifully now, even better than before.  I’m switching over to my dad’s mechanics, they are better priced and seem to know what they are doing, better than my own mechanic.  And, I’ve learned my lesson – next time I hear bad noises, I’m taking it in right away before I have another “I never have luck” moment.