Daily Archives: September 2, 2008


I have a fresh one inch scar on my arm.  I was ironing on Friday morning, rushing to get to work, and singed myself when I briefly, and it was very brief, touched the side of the iron with my forearm.  Wow wee that hurt like hell.  And, then next thing you know I see the red dash which has now morphed into a brownish line – it hasn’t quite scabbed yet.  Another war wound.

Superficial scars don’t bother me – well, unless they’re on my face.  But, it got me, weirdly enough, thinking about my friend’s daughter.  I was talking to my friend (who is her best friend) over the weekend and we have decided to take the daughter to Buffalo at the end of September.  It’s going to be our treat to her.  We’re going to give her some spending cash, and pay for everything that day.  Just to take her mind off all the shit that’s going on.  And, just to spoil her.

Our mutual friend, who’s living with her sister now, wants a day out too – not to Buffalo, just a day away from her sister’s house.  So, my friend was telling me that they are visiting her next weekend, which I can’t do.  I’ll be in Vegas.  And, that sucks, cause I really wanted to see her.       

I’ve been worried about her daughter.  Its been weighing on my mind since I found out.  She hasn’t started therapy sessions yet, but has met with a social worker, which left her upset.  My friends and I have all agreed to pay for her therapy if it isn’t covered, but her therapy sessions have yet to be set-up.  Our friend is having a hard time, and its mainly because she depended on her bastard husband so much.  This is the first time she’s had to be completely independent.  But, she’s slowly getting there, its a lot to handle in such a short period of time – your daughter’s been abused, your husband is the culprit, your marriage breaks down and your family life is nomadic right now.

My superficial scar may fade, but at least its a scar that won’t remind me of a horrible, terrible, horrendous period in my childhood.  I’d suffer a thousand scars if I could take away what happened to this beautiful, once innocent child.