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My one and only....

My one and only....

My friend’s mother’s favourite saying is “I never have luck” said with a thick Albanian accent. 

So, I had my own “I never have luck” moment this weekend – right before I saw this friend and her mother – what a coincidence, eh?  I was on the highway on Sunday, on my way to my friends place, and there was squealing coming out of the passenger side of my engine.  I knew what it was, it had been squealing for some time now, but I had been ignoring it.  I had been in a rush on Friday and decided not to have my mechanic look at it, I thought it’d be fine.  Well, the squealing got louder and then all of a sudden it died down and then it stopped.  I heard a few “clunk, clunks”, some rumbling, and then nothing.  I checked my rear view and couldn’t see any flying pieces coming from my car.  I figured it wasn’t anything cause my car was still working.

First thing I noticed was the air conditioning had conked out.  Then when I exited the highway my steering wheel was stiff.  My power steering was kaput.  Great…and to think I could have prevented this.  What are the odds, eh?  My car has done this to me before.  I’d go to the mechanic, things would be fine and next thing you know the car decides to call it day and breaks down. 

My dad figured out it was a belt that had flown off – the one I couldn’t see fly off – it was for the compressor for the AC and my power steering.  Luckily (hm, maybe I’m not that unlucky) my car is an older model, so unlike some newer cars, I don’t have just one belt that runs everything.  Otherwise I would have been in trouble if that was the case.

So, the car’s fixed now, I wanted it done before I left for my business trip and it works beautifully now, even better than before.  I’m switching over to my dad’s mechanics, they are better priced and seem to know what they are doing, better than my own mechanic.  And, I’ve learned my lesson – next time I hear bad noises, I’m taking it in right away before I have another “I never have luck” moment.