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at the airport…goddamn ūüė° .

I tried to be all organized, except for one damn freaking detail, I didn’t check my flight before I left.¬† I normally don’t, I like to live life on the edge…yeah, right, I love waiting 6 hours in the airport. So, I got to the airport early, thinking my flight was leaving at 4pm, wrong.¬† They apparently cancelled my flight, rebooked me on another flight, but didn’t bother to send me a note or call me about this change.¬† I’m telling the exec assistant next time – please don’t book through expedia, they suck monkey balls.¬† I should know, I booked my Chicago trip through them and it was a bit of¬†a nightmare.

Anyways, I digress.¬† So, I’m at the airport right now, enjoying some WiFi and drinking some Timmy’s.¬† I guess I can’t complain too much, I got out of work early and now I’m just kinda lounging.¬† Although I’ll be getting into Vegas at 10:30, and probably be super tired.¬† But, I guess thats the price of business travel.¬† You’re at the mercy of the weather (the check-in person blamed Chicago¬†cause my original flight had a stopover there – but that’s b.s. cause I just heard¬†a final boarding call for a flight to Chicago – the truth is¬†it was¬†probably cancelled¬†because of low numbers) and the airlines.¬†

On a totally different note, I’ve been feeling anxious lately.¬† Its been a bit crazy at work, life has been kinda crazy and I’m feeling…..well, how I’m always feeling and if you know me, you’ll know what I’m talking about.¬† big sigh…………


My one and only....

My one and only....

My friend’s mother’s favourite saying is “I never have luck” said with a thick Albanian accent.¬†

So, I had my own “I never have luck” moment this weekend – right before I saw this friend and her mother – what a coincidence, eh?¬† I was on the highway on Sunday, on my way to my friends place, and there was squealing coming out of the passenger side of my engine.¬† I knew what it was, it had been squealing for some time now, but I had been ignoring it.¬† I had been in a rush on Friday and decided not to have my mechanic look at it, I thought it’d be fine.¬† Well, the squealing got louder and then all of a sudden it died down and then it stopped.¬† I heard a few “clunk, clunks”, some rumbling, and then nothing.¬†¬†I checked my rear view and couldn’t see any flying pieces coming from my car.¬† I figured it wasn’t anything cause my car was still working.

First thing I noticed was¬†the air conditioning had conked out.¬† Then¬†when I exited the highway my steering wheel was¬†stiff.¬† My power steering was kaput.¬† Great…and to think I could have prevented this.¬† What are the odds, eh?¬† My car has done this to me before.¬† I’d go to the mechanic, things would be fine and next thing you know the car decides to call it¬†day and breaks down.¬†

My dad figured out it¬†was a¬†belt that had¬†flown off – the one I couldn’t see fly off – it was for the compressor for the AC and my power steering.¬† Luckily (hm, maybe I’m not that unlucky) my car is an older model, so unlike some newer cars, I don’t have just one belt that runs everything.¬† Otherwise I would have been in trouble if that was the case.

So, the car’s fixed now, I wanted it done before I left for my business trip and it works beautifully now, even better than before.¬† I’m switching over to my dad’s mechanics, they are better priced and seem to know what they are doing, better than my own mechanic.¬† And, I’ve learned my lesson – next time I hear bad noises, I’m taking it in right away before I have another “I never have luck” moment.


I have a¬†fresh one inch scar on my arm.¬† I was ironing¬†on Friday morning, rushing to get to work, and singed myself when I briefly, and it was very brief, touched the side of the iron with my forearm.¬† Wow wee that hurt like hell.¬† And, then next thing you know I see the red dash which has now morphed into a brownish¬†line – it hasn’t quite scabbed yet.¬†¬†Another war wound.

Superficial scars don’t¬†bother me – well, unless they’re on my face.¬† But, it got me, weirdly enough, thinking about my friend’s daughter.¬† I was talking to¬†my friend (who¬†is her best friend)¬†over the weekend and we have decided to take the daughter to Buffalo at the end of September.¬† It’s going to be our treat to her.¬† We’re going to¬†give her some spending cash, and pay for everything that day.¬† Just to take her mind off all the shit that’s going on.¬† And, just to spoil her.

Our mutual friend, who’s living with her sister now, wants a day out too – not to Buffalo, just a day away from her sister’s house.¬† So, my friend¬†was telling me that they¬†are¬†visiting her¬†next weekend, which I can’t do.¬† I’ll be in Vegas.¬† And, that sucks, cause I really wanted to see her.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I’ve been¬†worried about¬†her daughter.¬† Its been weighing on my mind since I found out.¬† She hasn’t started¬†therapy sessions yet, but has met with a social worker, which¬†left her¬†upset.¬† My friends and I have all agreed to pay for her therapy if it isn’t covered, but her therapy sessions have yet to be set-up.¬† Our friend is having a hard time, and its mainly because she depended on her bastard husband so much.¬† This is the first time she’s had to be completely independent.¬† But, she’s slowly getting there, its a lot to handle in such a short period of time¬†– your daughter’s been abused, your husband is the culprit, your marriage breaks down and your family life is nomadic right now.

My superficial scar may fade, but at least its a scar that won’t remind me of a horrible, terrible, horrendous¬†period in my childhood.¬† I’d suffer a thousand scars if I could take away what happened to this beautiful, once innocent child.