Monthly Archives: October 2008


For the past few months I’ve fallen off my exercise wagon.  I had been going crazy at work (its finally somewhat quiet now although its picking up again) and my time outside of work has been consumed by this and that.  When I get home I just wanna lay on my couch and remain still…or just fall asleep.

I finally decided that I needed to get off my ass.  I’ve never been a fan of killing myself over exercise so I had been thinking of something to keep me fit but won’t kill me in the process.  That’s why I liked the idea of Yoga…yeah, that didn’t work out so well, been there done that, my body is not that bendy…yet.  I haven’t given up on Yoga, just taking a break.

So, then I remembered how much I enjoyed Tai Chi.  A few years back, when I was still living in Vancouver, my dad gave me a tape.  I was on this health kick and started Tai Chi along with my regular exercising.  In the beginning I was laughing my ass off because, well, 1) the women on the tape spoke Cantonese, which I understand, but barely and 2) the movements were so slow I thought it would never end.  I was a bit ignorant about Tai Chi, but once I started getting serious and figured out what the women was saying, I really got into it.  Unfortunately, when I moved back to Toronto, I lost the tape and just kinda forgot about it (as you do when you’ve moved across the country again) and started doing other exercises.

Flash forward, I asked my dad for another copy, once I decided that I would give Tai Chi another whirl, and I’ve started it up again when I got the tape this week.  Its been great, a perfect way for me to stay healthy and relaxed – not out of breath and ready to keel over.  There’s this component of Tai Chi that is about your breathing and for some reason all the breath-in and breath-out’s that are being said on this tape in Cantonese, which once made me laugh and annoyed me a little, keeps me focused and calm.  Oh, how I’ve matured 😉 .

Of course Tai Chi will not be my only way of exercising.  I need to do cardio and strength training, but the Tai Chi will keep me focused.  It feels good to kick start my exercise regimen again.


My friend and I decided not to do the treetop trekking this weekend, as lamented below, because of the rain, cold weather and possible snow up north, so we decided instead to do a bit of hiking.  We chose, well, I chose cause my friend’s directionally challenged and suggested somewhere in Timbuktu, to hike in Cookstown, about 45 minutes outside of the city.  There’s a trail that starts there and stretches about 9 km’s or so.

The torrential rain they were calling for on Saturday didn’t happen.  Instead, it was just rain in the morning and it was pretty dry in the afternoon.  We could have trekked some treetops, but it still would have probably been too cold.  So, after lunch and browsing of the outlet mall in the town, we drove to where the start of this trail would be.  Of course being the forgetful person I can be, I left my beautifully printed map and instructions at work.  All I had were my scribbled instructions I quickly put together that I had googled.

The entrance was suppose to be somewhere located near the antique market.  We parked there, browsed the market quickly and then went to look for this entrance.  After wandering for about 5 – 10 minutes, we could not find anything.  My lame instructions that I scribbled down were no help.  I guess a gps would have been handy, or if one of us had a blackberry we could have fired up that sucker and figured out where the hell this trail was, eh?  No such luck.  We didn’t bother to ask around, and I suspect its because we were very tired at that point and were not thinking straight.

Instead we ended up in the downtown portion of Cookstown, which is about 1/2 city block long, but scattered with quaint little shops.  My friend was dying for a coffee so we settled into this little restaurant that served afternoon tea and coffee.  And, what a great find it was, reminded me of this great place in Kleinburg that does the same thing.  We had the best scones served with yummy jam and whipped cream and a nice relaxing chat.

Although we weren’t very successful with the hiking, which we have decided we will try on another weekend with better instructions, we had a good time and even fit in a movie at the end of the night.  If you’re looking for something cute and funny, Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, is a great gem.


Work went from being insanely busy to…well, not so busy.  I’m fiddling my thumbs a bit, and worrying that I must be missing something.  I do have some things happening in November, but right now it’s far away enough that its not keeping me busy.  Although when November hits, I’ll be insanely busy because the schedule for January and February is…well, in one word “crazyass”.

My friend and I were going to Treetop Trek this weekend.  Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating with us, which on the one hand gives me relief and on the other I’m a bit disappointed that I’ll have to wait till next year to do it.  The treetop trekking goes out pretty much all year round, but I am not trekking no trees when its freaking cold.  My friend’s schedule and my schedule kept conflicting that’s why it took us so long to pick a date to do it.  My friend suggested we go hiking, but I reminded her its going to rain this weekend and thats the reason why we’re not trekking (not that rain is the biggest deterrant – but its colder up north so it may turn to snow) – sometimes I wonder about her – but I understand she wants to do something active this weekend.  So, we’ll see.

The fall colours are fading fast.  I’m a bit sad that they didn’t stay for too long.  But, its been getting cold quick.  Like the other day it was snowing here!  It was wet snow and it didn’t stick, but hell, its only October what the hell is snow doing in Toronto at this time?  Anyways, since I’m going up north possibly this weekend, hopefully there are still fall colours to be seen.  I’ll have to bring my camera and take some pictures.

This really is a random thought kinda post today.  Its been that kind of week.  As usual, can’t wait for the weekend to get here already.  😉


So, on the weekend, my youngest nephew had his birthday party.  He turned the ripe old age of 3.

I had bought him a dinosaur play tent and some clothes.  I opened up the tent when I got to the party, which was being held at my brother’s mother-in-law’s party room, intending to put it together so the kids could play with it when they got there.  Well, I’m not the handiest person, I’ve had my share of Ikea mishaps.  But, I was determined.  It came with two poles and the tent – nothing else.  Easy right?  Hell no.  I fiddled with that damn thing for two hours (which included an exasperated break in between).  There were too many damn pockets/holes to put these stupid poles into and with horrible instructions how are you suppose to know what goes where?!  But, I refused to let it get the better of me.  All the while my sister-in-law, her sister and a friend were nagging at me to stop and let my brother do it.  I was having none of that!

The result?  Tada!

Now, before you applaud my success, the tent wasn’t very stable.  My sister-in-law looked at me sadly and told me, after we saw it in one heap in a corner – when the kids had a go at it – that I probably didn’t do it right – I had got it erect, but definitely not correct.  I just didn’t want to wait for my brother to do it, I had to do it.  I was obsessed.  As my sister-in-law put it at the end of the night when I was trying to fold this thing up and put it away, which involved me having another battle with it, “you can be quite obsessive about these things”.   She’s right, when I set my mind to something, I must accomplish it.

Don’t even get me started on the tent I tried to put together at my oldest nephew’s party last year – tent hell is what I call it…..  😀


So, speaking about love and relationships, I’m on a roll now, I had another conversation with a different friend over the weekend about men.  It was like the weekend of relationship talk.

I don’t even know how we got into it because we weren’t even talking about men, but she just blurted out to me that she had tried E-Harmony.  I was really surprised, I looked at her and was like “what?”.  She had tried another dating site before E-Harmony and did not like it at all, that’s why I was so surprised that she tried internet dating again.  And, E-Harmony is not cheap, so I was doubly surprised – because according to my friend, the system is worthless unless you pay for it, so she caved and paid.

I don’t think she knew much about the site before she signed on.  All I know about the site is that it’s expensive, they have mushy commercials and a friend of mine who used it didn’t have much success.  I’ve never done the E-Harmony process myself, guided romance just doesn’t appeal to me. 

Anyways, she was telling me how annoying it was to go through this whole questionnaire process to sign-up and how the matches come to you.  You don’t choose, they choose for you based on your answers to the questionnaire and their patented technology.  And then she was telling me how stupid it was when guys closed the matches.  When they do that it’s basically “see ya later alligator, not interested” and you don’t get matched to them again.  You can appeal, but that seems a bit weird, and desperate, to me.

So, she’s met a couple of guys, but it hasn’t been what she thought (she’s no longer using it).  And, for her it felt strange to go through this whole process just to have contact with them.  Its not immediate, you have to go through this song and dance before you have direct contact.  Instant gratification is not how you would describe E-Harmony. 

The whole process seems weird to me.  Not harmonious if you ask me.  But, I applaud her for taking the plunge to do something proactive.  And, she’s still in contact with at least one guy, so who knows what will happen.  But, she won’t be participating in those mushy commercials for E-Harmony anytime soon.