It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, and that means a nice long weekend.  I almost missed out on this weekend.  I was going to be on a business trip, but my boss saved me from that fate at the last minute.  I could tell she felt really bad about sending me on the trip, but I didn’t think she felt so bad that she would get me out of this trip.  So, no complaints from me.  Its all good, although I’m a bit conflicted because it would have been nice to get 3 lieu days out of it!

I’ve never been a huge Thanksgiving kind of person.  I don’t celebrate it as passionately as Americans do or as some of my Canadian friends do.  I think its because my parents really didn’t know what to make of Thanksgiving while we were growing up.  And, then in my early teens we started going to a family friend’s place for Thanksgiving dinner and it became a tradition.  I think that’s when I began to appreciate it more.  But, we haven’t done that in almost 16 years.  My family celebrates Thanksgiving much better these days.  My brother’s mother-in-law always likes to have us over, so I’m looking forward to that this weekend.  I’m gonna have me some yummy Filipino food.  Sorry, our families don’t like turkey so we do a different take for Thanksgiving dinner.

There was one year, though, my family decided to make a turkey.  Oh, it was hilarious since it was the first time we’d done that.  I got into a huge fight with my mom on how to make the turkey and she was all stressed out about the timing.  In the end, though, the turkey was fine and peace was restored.  Thankfully, no pun intended, there will be no fights over turkey this year.  😛

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