Work has been insanely busy lately.  My desk at work looks like a bomb went through it.  I rather be busy than brain dead though, that’s why I left my last job.

There’s a lot of negativity at work, whining and complaining.  We’ve recently had some upheaval at work with management so its been worse than usual.  I have a low tolerance for complainers and my friends often ask me why I’m so dismissive when they complain.  Its not that I want to be surrounded by rainbows and butterflies, trust me I’m not that kind of person, but when I hear people complain, I want to shout at them and say ‘so what are you gonna do about it?’.

I think that’s why I’ve changed jobs so much over the past 3 years.  But, I’ve finally settle down somewhere where I enjoy what I do.  Its not perfect, but I’m not looking for perfection.  And the work politics?  I always say, no matter where you go its going to be there so I don’t get too bothered by it.  I don’t have high hopes of climbing some corporate ladder.  I have better plans for my life that don’t include being caught up with work.

I have my frustrations and annoyances, don’t get me wrong.  There are moments where I’d like to drop kick a few people at work, but at the end of the day I know it really doesn’t matter because my life is more than work.  So, when this girl who sits in my area told me that I’m not as vocal as the last person who did my job, I just look at her and say ‘I pick my moments and getting worked up is not worth it to me’.  I don’t think being aggressive and loud is the way to get people to help me.  Cause when I do make a point, people stand up and listen.

And, on that note:  Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

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