Hm..wonder what brand of toothpaste I like, eh?

Hm..wonder what brand of toothpaste I like, eh?

I have an addiction (among a few others I’ll never confess…………..I’m a Stockpilieraholic. 

On the weekend, I decided to go through some of my stuff in my spare bedroom to see what I could gather as gifts for Christmas.  I wasn’t being cheap, its just that I’ve bought stuff for the express purpose of giving them away as gifts.  So, I went through my storage bins in my spare bedroom again to figure out exactly what I had.

Well, guess what I found while shifting through the bins?  Apparently, I have a million tubes of toothpaste, like what the hell is that about?  Here’s the thing – when it goes on sale I get brain dead and go into a buying frenzy of cheap toothpaste forgetting I have enough for a family of 10.  Seriously, I kid you not, thats why I took photographic evidence of it.  Is there any sane reason why a single girl needs 9 tubes of toothpaste (there may be more hiding, I’m afraid to admit)?

Anyways, I did find quite a few items I had bought to be given away, so, there’s a few people I can scratch off my Christmas list.  What else did I find in my dig?  Well, I have enough moisturizer to last me a million years, bars of travel size soaps that will keep me squeaky clean while I’m on my business travel extravaganza early next year and an assortment of other things that are not worth repeating.  I went through all this stuff a few months back when I was cleaning, but couldn’t quite admit to my addiction, but I can no longer hide it.  Aiya…I need to stop this madness of stockpiling household items!!

The digging was good, because I’m going to donate a load to charity – I’d been meaning to go through the stuff again after my intial organization, but got busy, so this was good.  I put some stuff aside for donation, perfect timing since Christmas is around the corner.

I pledge to stop the stockpiling.  I’m not a shopper – I can go weeks without stepping into the mall, but I tend to buy things on sale and then just put them away and forget about it.  From now on, buy only what I need, seriously, less is always better.

2 responses to “MY ADDICTION

  1. Do you brush eight times a day?

  2. No…only seven. 😛

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