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Late nights render me directionally challenged.

So, on Friday night I went out with my sister-in-law’s youngest and oldest sister (visiting from out of town).  We hit the Drake hotel, which has a lounge/restaurant on the ground level, a patio outside/upstairs and a little club down in the basement.  We tried to get into the patio, but that didn’t work after waiting for 45 minutes.  So, we went to the “Underground” in the basement where our names were on a list…I know, I felt really special.

The music was pumping.  I didn’t quite realize how pumping until I sat down about 8 feet from the speakers and my whole body started to shake from the bass.  I couldn’t hear myself think, and I had to shout when I talked. 

The music was great, we danced up a storm.  The DJ is a friend of the youngest sister, but it was just too loud and so we stayed for an hour and a half – we couldn’t take much more.  Once we left, we went down the street and stopped at a bar.  After the bar, we ended up at “Poutini’s House of Poutine” where we indulged in some, what else, poutine (for me, just fries and gravy hold the cheese) as our after 1am snack.

After eating we walked a bit and then we finally left for good.  I was pretty tired by then – haven’t had this much activity nor have I stayed up this late in a long time.  I’m used to quiet, chilled evenings with friends, this was not one of those nights.  Maybe this explains what happened next.

After dropping off one of the girls, I ended up..and I swear I drank only water….going the wrong direction on the Lakeshore trying to get onto the expressway.   That’s right – I went east on the westbound lanes.  A bit dangerous, but thankfully it was about 2am so there was no traffic (there was one car who graciously did not honk at me for being a dumbass)…otherwise I’m sure I’d be telling a different story.  I can only say in my defense that it was dark, it was late, I was tired, I only went a few meters east before realizing I was going the wrong way (I wasn’t that out of it) and I….was damn lucky there were no cops.

There is a reason why I don’t let myself out late at night. 😐



Memories of the Dominican

My next adventure – I’ve been mulling it over.  Once I settle the job situation, I’ll be working on my adventure situation.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because one of the girls I went to the Dominican Republic with, where I helped build houses, is going on another volunteer trip.

She does industrial design and she’ll be helping design/build this eco-tourism center and missionary center in Rwanda.  I haven’t been in close contact with her since the trip, but we’re on facebook so that’s how I found out.  She’s leaving in a few days, to do a trip in Europe and then she’ll make her way to Rwanda from there.  I met-up with her briefly today because she’s borrowing my battery charger.  We both have Canon cameras, and she left her charger at her parents, who live 5 hours from Toronto.  She started a blog about her trip and I told her I would stalk it daily, because she is going to Rwanda so I’m a bit worried, and she promised to update it as often as possible.  It was great to see her, she’s got such a bubbly personality, she’ll do good in Rwanda.

I really want to do a trip that will tie in with some volunteering this year as well.  I think I’m hooked now.  I was trying to explain to a friend how I could never do a resort vacation again, and she didn’t quite get it.  She thought it was because of the food, which is ridiculous, but after I explained it to her I think she was a bit embarassed once she understood that the reason why I couldn’t do it was because of what I had experienced not because of bad food.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with resort vacations abroad, but I crave adventure, being active and doing something worthwhile.  I’ve seen what comes out of a volunteer effort and having experienced it I can’t forget it, I want to keep doing it.  

A couple of countries pop into my head for this year – Africa and Asia.  Maybe I’ll just close my eyes and point somewhere on a map of Africa or Asia and that will be where I go. 

Trust me, there is a method to my madness.  😉


My friend and I decided not to do the treetop trekking this weekend, as lamented below, because of the rain, cold weather and possible snow up north, so we decided instead to do a bit of hiking.  We chose, well, I chose cause my friend’s directionally challenged and suggested somewhere in Timbuktu, to hike in Cookstown, about 45 minutes outside of the city.  There’s a trail that starts there and stretches about 9 km’s or so.

The torrential rain they were calling for on Saturday didn’t happen.  Instead, it was just rain in the morning and it was pretty dry in the afternoon.  We could have trekked some treetops, but it still would have probably been too cold.  So, after lunch and browsing of the outlet mall in the town, we drove to where the start of this trail would be.  Of course being the forgetful person I can be, I left my beautifully printed map and instructions at work.  All I had were my scribbled instructions I quickly put together that I had googled.

The entrance was suppose to be somewhere located near the antique market.  We parked there, browsed the market quickly and then went to look for this entrance.  After wandering for about 5 – 10 minutes, we could not find anything.  My lame instructions that I scribbled down were no help.  I guess a gps would have been handy, or if one of us had a blackberry we could have fired up that sucker and figured out where the hell this trail was, eh?  No such luck.  We didn’t bother to ask around, and I suspect its because we were very tired at that point and were not thinking straight.

Instead we ended up in the downtown portion of Cookstown, which is about 1/2 city block long, but scattered with quaint little shops.  My friend was dying for a coffee so we settled into this little restaurant that served afternoon tea and coffee.  And, what a great find it was, reminded me of this great place in Kleinburg that does the same thing.  We had the best scones served with yummy jam and whipped cream and a nice relaxing chat.

Although we weren’t very successful with the hiking, which we have decided we will try on another weekend with better instructions, we had a good time and even fit in a movie at the end of the night.  If you’re looking for something cute and funny, Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, is a great gem.


There are doers and then there are talkers.  I’m in the middle of this sphere.  I prefer to be a doer, but that often involves taking a leap of faith.  I’ve taken a few leaps of faith in my lifetime, resulting in life changing events and without them I wouldn’t be what I am today.  Lately, those leaps have been far and few between.

So, where is all this reflection coming from?  Well, I was reading this blog I like last night and it got me thinking.  The author is a journalist/film & tv industry person and she’s pretty much done what I’d love to do (and will eventually do), just wandered the world doing what they love.  I envy people who can just pick-up and go without worrying where the next pay cheque is coming from.  She’s a great example of someone who does what she wants and lives life the way she wants.  She enjoys herself and there’s not a lot of people I know who allow themselves that luxury.

Me?  I’m not quite there yet, I’m working towards it, but I’m still chained by my job, my bills and my mortgage.  If I did what this women did, my parents would both have heart attacks.  Although I’ve done a few crazy things in my life time, I haven’t been the rebel in awhile.  Perhaps that is where all my restlessness lies.  Too much thinking, not enough doing.  Its true what they say, your life is yours to live so go and live it.