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It’s time for a good old food blog about one of my favourites.

I could never be a vegetarian, it just goes against everything I value..lol…kidding.  Veggies are good, eating them full time?  Not my dream choice.  I just love meat too much.  It’s all about the protein.

I’m going out for some Korean BBQ with a friend on Friday night, my absolute favourite thing to do – so its been on my mind cause I’ve been craving a good Korean bbq for awhile.  The first time I tried it was about 15 years ago when the first one came to Toronto.  The best Korean BBQ I’ve ever had was in Vancouver, where they are actually owed by Korean’s rather than Chinese people, which is the case here in Toronto.  This particular Korean bbq place used coals from Korean to heat up the grill, so the flavour was different and cooking time was faster because it was so hot, much better than an electric/gas grill.

Anyways, before I slobber any more, I’m also going to a “regular” barbeque on Sunday.  Burgers, chicken, hot dogs, etc.  Since its my birthday month, all my friends have been asking me what I want to do.  My response?  BBQ.  I’ve been celebrating my birthday like this for a few years, with a simple barbeque.  I don’t need to party it up at a bar, something simple with friends is usually what I prefer.

I’ll be in bbq heaven this weekend.  And considering the weather is going to change soon – I better get in as much as I can before it gets cold.  I love grilled meat, but not so much that I’d freeze my ass off in the winter for it.  😉


I’m godmother to my friend’s son.  I’ve known this friend since university and we’ve been friends ever since.  Her son is her first born.  She’s on number four right now! (well, almost number four)

I’m a terrible godmother.  I share godmother duties with another university friend whom I’m still good friends with as well.  We always have good intentions of spending more time with this child, but we always fail miserably at it.  I live closest to them and I still don’t see them often, and I need to make more of an effort.  Especially after seeing them yesterday for their youngest daughter’s birthday.  It was so good to see them.

At the beginning of this year we proposed that we would babysit the kids every other month for them so that a) we could spend more time with the kids and b) give them a date night out by themselves, something they apparently haven’t had in 7 years.  After about 3 attempts of trying to get a date we could all agree on, it just didn’t work out.  But, at least this time it wasn’t our fault, mostly it was because the kids kept getting sick and the timing just wasn’t right.

I only have one godchild and I’m failing miserably in the department of guiding this child.  Soon, he’ll forget I even exist if we continue our pattern of only seeing these kids 2 – 3 times a year.  I’d like to see them at least 6 – 10 times a year.

I’m known to be hard on myself, typically, but I think this assessment of my poor godmother duties is accurate.  I’m really going to try harder, I really am, I love seeing them.  Yesterday was great, even though there were hundreds of kids around, it was nice spending time with them.  And, her husband makes a mean bbq, so that helps too..LOL.  😀