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Confronting the enemy is always unpleasant.  But, when you have to confront a child molester, it is the hardest thing I will ever do in my life.  Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl.  It is the most unpleasant thing I’ll probably ever have to do in my life.

So, my friend’s bastard soon to be ex-husband is out of jail.  I wish he had rotted in there, but that’s not how the justice system works unfortunately.  In fact, I believe he got out for good behaviour…how fucking ironic.  And, now, he’s requested to see his two sons.  So, my friend told her boys and the oldest boy was hesitant, but I believe he is going because the youngest son wants to see his father.  Therefore, there needs to be someone there to supervise the visit and my friend has not been able to get her shit together to contact Children’s Aid and get them involved, which they should be.  That’s another bone of contention amongst all the friends, a lack of initiative by our friend to get things going and making sure she’s got herself covered.

My other friend asked me if I would do a shift of supervising for one of the visits and I said I would.  Then I suggested we should do a shift together, since she had agreed but as she doesn’t have a car and can’t drive up north she told our friend it would be as a last resort.  I figured if the two of us were together, at least one of us will be rational enough to stop the other from beating this bastard for destroying his family.  I am not a violent person, but this whole situation just makes my blood boil.  I just feel so….I can’t even begin to describe it.

I am not looking forward to supervising these visits, and I wish I didn’t have to see the asshole, but for the sake of the children, I’m doing it.  No other reason.  Such is life.  😐




I had a good childhood.  As in all families, we had our highs and lows.  But, I still feel that I’ve been lucky in everything that I’ve had.  I count my blessings that my parents always made me feel safe and protected no matter what.  They loved me, provided for me and never made me feel like I couldn’t go to them for anything.  I will always be grateful for that. 

My friend called me late last Friday afternoon to inform me that our mutual friend’s husband had been charged with sexual assault on his young teen daughter.  I’ve known this child since she was born.  I’ve seen her grow up to the girl she is today and it sickens me what’s happened.  It’s heart breaking.

What makes this whole situation worse (if that’s possible) is that our mutual friend’s sister’s husband was also jailed for sexually assaulting his young daughter 9 years ago.  What are the odds?  Both sister’s married men who turned out to be sexual predators, molesters.

When you hear about something like this, especially when its someone you know well, you start to think back.  You start to wonder if there was something you could have done to have prevented it.  All my friends never liked her husband, me included.  In fact, we all felt that some of the things he did to us were inappropriate.  But, it was never so inappropriate that we would ever think he would do something so horrendous to his own child.  We never thought he’d go over the boundaries. 

I hate feeling this way.  Racking my brain thinking back to all these situations.  Thinking we could have done something.  But, the truth is, there’s probably nothing we could have done.  We weren’t around the kids all the time, they lived in another city about an hour away and honestly, how could we have foreseen it? 

At least the daughter was strong enough to say something to her mother and report her father before it escalated further.  He was getting more and more bold, so thankfully he never got the opportunity to do any further harm.  The damage is done, but at least he can’t do any further damage now.

This has really thrown me for a loop – I can’t stop thinking about it.  But, its not about me, right now it’s about supporting my friend and the kids in whatever they need.  My friends and I have decided we’ll do whatever it takes to help out – financially, emotionally, whatever they need. 

Why couldn’t he have just cheated on my friend with another women, why your own daughter?  She was innocent, she trusted her dad and now that’s irrevocably broken.  Sick, dirty, fucking bastard (and that’s putting it very mildly).