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I don’t like talking about work, but my manager used the “b” word on me yesterday.  Yup….I might be getting a Blackberry..aka “Crackberry”.  WTF?

We were talking about the event that’s coming up that I’m going to and I was telling her that I would use her name and cell number as the contact information.  My manager has a company Blackberry, so I wasn’t going to put down my own cell number.  Then she says to me “wait, you don’t have a Blackberry or corporate Amex yet?”.  I’m like “um, no, not yet – didn’t think I needed a Blackberry, did you put in a request?”.  I knew I needed a corporate credit card because of all the travel I’ll be doing, but a Blackberry?  She replied in the affirmative that I did indeed need one, but had forgotten to put in the request for the Blackberry, and then asked me if we could use my cell while we were away.  I told that would be fine. 

Afterwards, I was thinking about it and thought “wtf, I’m getting a crackberry?!!”.  This is not good, I love gadgets, but I have avoided getting a Blackberry just for the express purpose to keep me from getting attached to it.  But, it doesn’t seem like that will be the case because if I’m doing as much business travel as it appears to be, than I need to stay connected, cause it is easier to check my email on a Blackberry then to open up my work laptop.

Anyways, I like staying connected, but I do have limits and I’m worried that a Blackberry will keep me a little too connected.  I’ve seen my friend, who has one for work, and I can already see myself having to get physio on my poor thumbs.  I’ve done text messaging and it annoys me, so I can only imagine what it’ll do to my thumbs..lol.  I guess I shouldn’t think too much ahead until my manager puts in the request for one, so I’ll just have to go with the flow, won’t I?  😕