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I remember the other reason I stopped clubbing – the sleazy guys.  Ahhhh…it all comes back after one night of clubbing.  Oh, and I can proudly say I didn’t fall asleep.

The party wasn’t what I was thought it would be, it was fun, but not what I imagined.  The night reminded me of why I like quiet nights, versus the pounding sound of music and many, many bodies dancing to it.  My claustrophobia kicked in big time.  

As for the sleazy guys, I could recall a few things that happened, but I’m not going to – they’re just worth a good chuckle now.  They weren’t all sleazy, but its the ones that are that make it bad for the good ones. 

I went to the club with my sister-in-law sister’s best friend W.  I dropped off my car at her house and met her younger brother who drove us to the club.  Watching these two was quite entertaining.  Her brother was a metrosexual type of guy.  He must have changed his shirt four or five times while I was waiting to leave, asking his sister and I what we thought.  He came down with one shirt and it was kinda short and he said “is this short, what do you think, is it short” while pulling at it.  W was hemming and hawing about it and then he looked over at me and I said “well, you keep pulling at it and if you’re doing that its too short for you” and that’s all I said and he went back upstairs to change again.  W was amused by my honesty, but I told her that if he was already fidgeting with it, then he’d be doing it all night and would be uncomfortable.

Human relationships always interest me.  I like seeing how people interact.  The club was a great example of that.  The dancing was great to watch, some not so good but funny and some really good.  All the grinding and dry humping, though, was a bit over the top but hilarious to watch. 

Remind me to never dry hump a boyfriend in public.  😉


These feet are ready to dance out of the office today.  The countdown is on!!!  I’m shutting down at noon!  Wahoo!!!  These are my $20 Timberland runners and I LOVE them.  The best deal I’ve ever found.

I wore them almost everyday in the Dominican when I was building houses – ok, not building but moving stuff to prepare for the building of the houses.  They got drenched, dirtied, took a beating and still kept ticking.  LOVE them, did I mention that?  Ok, I have a shoe thing, but really, these runners are great, I’m wearing them right now.  I took the above photo while I was waiting for my flight out of the Dominican. Continue reading


Beautiful Sunset = Smile on my face

This has been a fantastic week at work.  I love saying “what are they gonna do, fire me?  I already quit!”.  I know, its so childish, but I just feel like being stupid and silly. 

Almost everyday since I quit, I’ve been going into my co-worker’s office and doing a little happy dance announcing how many more days I have left.  It’s just a little bouncing and stepping I do and I know I probably look absolutely ridiculous but I don’t give a rats ass, I’m a happy little bee.

I’ve been emptying my office giving away office supplies or things I’ve accumulated.  I had already cleaned my office about 2 months ago in anticipation of the hope that I would leave soon so there’s not much to clean, so why not give stuff away!  I love giving things away, especially if I didn’t pay for it.  I never keep anything that gets sent to me (promo items), I normally give it away.  In fact, I have a tendency to give away things I win too.  Anyways, so, yeah, I’ve been doing happy dances around the office. Continue reading