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My close friend and I were not impressed by our mutual friend who we vacationed with.  I knew going into this trip that it wouldn’t be easy sailing, but nothing prepared me for what happened during the trip.  I won’t go into big details, because it doesn’t really matter anymore.  But, on our way back to Toronto, we let off some steam about the week we had endured.  I still enjoyed myself, but I could have done without the diva. 

My friend focused mostly on the fact that our mutual friend always tipped badly at restaurants.  What did I notice?  That I was overpaying every time we went to a restaurant for dinner – I didn’t really realize they were under tipping until my friend pointed it out.  My breaking point had to be when we were at the Olive Garden and she made me pay the $1.50 coffee that was put mistakenly on her bill (we got separate bills, should have done that for all meals).  What made me mad about this is that she owed me money and then had the nerve to ask me for $1.50?  Maybe its just me, but I would have just paid for it.  Cheapness is my pet peeve.

Our mutual friend was very self-absorbed, whiny, bossy, impatient and difficult to deal with.  I hate high maintenance people.  But, I got her good.  I know, it’s mean, but when I’m put in a position where someone is being unreasonably difficult, I find ways to make them even more worked up.  I did things I would never do just because I knew it rubbed her the wrong way.  It was very bad of me, but hell, she deserved it.  My friend got a great laugh out of it because she’d get so worked up when I did certain things.

It just boggles my mind that difficult people don’t see how unreasonable and miserable they’re being.  Its so unnecessary to be that way, people will be way more receptive if your kind and respectful, not pushy, bossy and bitchy.  So, my friend was mostly annoyed by her cheapness and I was mostly annoyed by her bossy, self-absorbed ways.  And, that is why I don’t like traveling in a group, especially with friends.  I’d much rather travel with a group of strangers, it’s less personal.  Or even better, traveling on my own, ahhhh…the freedom.  Lesson learned.