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I like dim sum – Chinese brunch – but I don’t have it on a regular basis.  I usually go with my parents and this is what we had the last time we went, yum.


My favourite dim sum item is the har gow (steamed shrimp dumpling) and the spare ribs with black bean sauce, which I can proudly make myself (not the har gow, just the spare ribs).  My favourite dessert at dim sum has got to be the steamed cake.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  Its the little muffins above – but normally they don’t come in muffin format.  It usually comes in a cake slice, a nice big cake slice.

I’ve recently become very addicted to the steamed cake.  I need to learn how to make it.  It’s not really sweet, but it’s moist and just yummy!  My second favourite dim sum dessert is the mango pudding with carnation’s milk.  And then finally, I love the tofu dessert.  Especially when it’s freshly made.

If I have a craving for my cake, or any dim sum item, I can go to my local T&T (great Chinese grocery store nearby where I live) and get some.  Saves me the time and effort of going to the restaurant where it’s crowded and noisy.