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Chinese New Year’s is a great time.  I get together with a bunch of family friends I haven’t seen in awhile and I get an update on their lives.  I get red pockets (love them!) and I eat lots and lots and lots of food.  Thankfully, these days I get to dress comfy, so no need to worry about having to fit into work clothes.

A snapshot of what I ate during my three days of festivities for Chinese New Year’s:





I ate a lot more than what you see here, but there were too many meals to take shots of.  The egg tarts are my favourite at dim sum cause they are usually freshly baked.  The egg tarts in the above photo were delicious and fresh, yummy!  My other favourite is the steamed cake, but they didn’t have any when I was there.

I ingested a lot of food over these past few days.  More than I care to remember.  So, I took a nice long walk yesterday to work it off.  It was cold out, but not as cold as the time when my cheeks almost froze permanently numb.  Anyways, it was good to go for a walk.  I might go for a walk today, its snowing like crazy and looks lovely outside all blanketed in white snow.  I’ve really enjoyed these walks because I just forget about everything and focus on relaxing and enjoying my time outside.  I started Tai Chi just for the same reasons I’m walking now, it relaxes me and I just focus on the walking and in the case of my Tai Chi, my slow-mo movements.

Chinese New Year’s is not all about the food, but the celebrations are around food, and that’s why I love this holiday!  I can always diet later.


On my walk..look at the lovely snow

On my walk in the neighbourhood....look at the lovely snow

I love the holidays.  I admit it, I love all the food, the decorations, parties with friends and the family gatherings.  I even enjoy the snow…not driving in it, but I enjoy watching it fall and walking in it.  I look forward to the holidays every year no matter how stressful.  I’m more organized this year with the free time I have now.  Of course, I’m not a fan of the shopping, but I’m done.  And, it helps that there is a mall across the street from my place.  I just walk over if I need anything.

My family has a couple of holiday traditions.  Dinner on Christmas day and New Year’s day.  There’s always a ton of food, laughter and play time with my nephews.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s gathering.  It’ll be fun and my nephews are gonna love me, I bought them each a big truck.  Boys and their toys, I tell you, they love them.

Every year I have dinner at my place on New Year’s day, and this year is no different.  I like cooking for my family.  Although this year I’m changing my tradition of baking shortbread cookies and making fudge to something different.  I’m actually tired of the shortbread and fudge.  I’m going to do different cookies and make cupcakes again.  I figured my nephews would love the cupcakes and they are so easy to make.

I have a lot to be thankful for.  And, although the next few months will be a challenge, I’m not shying away from it.  I love a challenge.

Happy holidays to everyone!


I was looking at some flights yesterday, as I’ve been pondering a trip sometime in the fall – although haven’t decided where I want to go (as per usual, I’m being spontaneous in my choice).  I noticed the significant price hike in the air fares and was shocked.  What….the….hell?

This is a huge bummer for me because I have been accumulating lieu days like you wouldn’t believe and my hope was to go away for a few days in the fall.  Now, I’m not so sure anymore.  It just pains me to fork out so much money for a flight that is only 2 – 4 hours at the most dependent on where I end up.  Maybe I’m just being cheap, although I’ve never been known to be cheap, but it just doesn’t feel right to pay so much for such a short flight.

On the other hand, I’m dying to go away.  Of course, when am I ever not dying to go away?  Ok, that’s not the point, the point is that this is a big hindrance for me for future travels if I’m going to have to pay an extra $100 – 115 because of fuel costs and whatever else the airlines make-up to charge us more.  I have to re-juggle my budget for travel now.  Ugh.

I’m annoyed.  Can you tell?  Therefore all the bitching and complaining.  Anyways, not much I can do about it I suppose.  I have to suck it up if I want to go somewhere, otherwise my other option is to do something locally for this year and save my money for a trip next year.  And, that’s not a bad idea.  I wouldn’t mind exploring the Niagara region, there’s trails I could try and wine tasting I could do…ok, not so much since I don’t drink, but you get the picture, there’s much to do right where I already am.  Hm…I’m getting encouraged by this.

Well, whatever I decide, I’m using my lieu days.  I earned them.  😉