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I’m a really honest person, sometimes to my detriment.  I was talking to my best guy friend today, cause he wanted to tell me he had given me a glowing reference for my job.  I know, ass backwards, they’re doing my references after they’ve offered me the position and I’ve quit my job.

We started to laugh cause I was telling him about my interview.  The director who was interviewing me was shooting these questions at me in lightening speed.  I mean, I was having a hard time answering him proficiently cause he was zinging them at me so quickly.  But, his constant question was “is travel ok with you?”.  Finally, after he had asked me the third time, I just said “I’m not married and I have no children so there are no obstacles in my way”.  His reply was a bit dismissive, which led me to think that I might have pissed him off.  He was also asking me about my excel skils, cause I’ll have to do some sales anaylsis, and I was honest, told him I didn’t know how to do pivot tables, but I also told him I wouldn’t have a problem learning.  To some future employers, this is not a good answer, but fortunately for me they still wanted to hire me.  Its funny, I’ve never gone on one interview (with 3 different people) and been offered a job that same day, but I must have had luck on my side. Continue reading