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I get to take off from work early today and start my long weekend early…yeah me!

I haven’t made any solid plans for the weekend.  My friend is in town from New York, so I’m looking forward to seeing her since her birthday just passed and I can celebrate it with her for the first time in 5 years.

My other friend wants to go hiking but we can’t get our shit together and figure out where in Ontario we should go hiking.  She wanted to go to Horseshoe Valley, which is up in Barrie and I was fine with that, but at the last minute my friend from New York emailed to say she was in town so I have to see her.  Horseshoe Valley had an opening for an overnight stay only for tonight…damn.  Then I looked at Blue Mountain, figured we could combine a hike with a spa day, nothing available there either.  I think we should just point to a spot on the map, get there and just go hiking. LOL. Ok, can you see how impetuous I am?

Of course, I always try to set aside a day to see my parents.  Possibly see my nephews.  They are getting really cute now.  Especially the older one.  He’s become very clingy lately, which is kinda cute. He never was one for snuggling, but now he is and the little guy, who was, isn’t as much now.  So, they are trading off.  I can’t imagine life without them.

Anyways, I’m just looking forward to the weekend. Work has been insane this week.  It’ll be nice to have a breather from it all. In less than two hours I can start enjoying it. 😉