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I have a love/hate relationship with Toronto.  I left the tdot back in late 1996 only to return in 2003.  It was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve made returning back to Toronto.  It was much easier to leave than to come back.  This is by no way an insult to Toronto, but leaving Toronto was made with the intention of not coming back, so deciding to come back was tough.

I love the buzz of Toronto, but its also what I hate about it.  Living 6 years in the west coast has made me appreciate the serenity of things and to take a moment to breath and live life.  Everything is at a much slower pace there and I learned to embrace it.

What else do I love about Toronto?  The beaches, St. Lawrence Market, Distillery District, Eaton Centre (it was my life back in the university days – oh the memories!), Harbourfront, Toronto Zoo, Art Gallery of Ontario, Centre Island, Old Chinatown (not as it is now, but back in the day).  The great restaurants and the different ethnicity’s represented here.

My hate for the city is what its become, too big for its britches.  And just the sheer craziness of the streets now.  I feel like it’s a task to do simple things like driving downtown.  Before I left Toronto it was never an issue, didn’t have to worry about traffic and now?  There is always traffic on the dvp.  How it’s changed.  And the climate, so much more pollution than before.  Personally, well, my life has completely changed since coming back.  I feel almost like an outsider, better now than when I first returned, but the feeling remains.

Anyways, I’m not really whining or griping about anything in particular, but I was just thinking about what the next few years will bring for me.  It reminds me that I have a lot of things to accomplish in order to reach a few goals I’ve set for myself.


I had a fun last night.  I went out with two girls from work.  In the span of 1 month I’ve made some new friends.  Well, one of the girls no longer works there, she quit a week after I started, but its nice that we’re keeping in touch.

We went to St. Louis’ Bar at Yonge and Finch for wings, and they are pretty good I gotta say and I’m a picky wing eater.  Anyways, we were yapping and gossiping about everyone at work, as one does when you’re with other co-workers.  Suddenly, the girl who no longer works there says “I need to find a man”.  Me and the other girl burst out laughing.  I looked at her and go “okay, let’s start with what you’re looking for”.  So, she stated what she wanted and how hard it is to find men. 

Then she revealed to us that she had joined this dating site.  I commended her for taking the steps to get proactive about her love life.  If there is one thing I can’t stand is someone bitching about the state of their love life but doing absolutely nothing about it.  Drives me insane.  I mean come on, you are not going to meet anyone by doing absolutely nothing.  The perfect mate is not going to fall into your lap from the sky. 

So, me and this other girl discussed her options with the men we knew, but it wasn’t very prosperous.  It was actually quite sad.  The men I knew were too short for her (she’s very tall) and the men the other girl knew were too young.  We started suggesting different ways to meet people, other than the dating site, that she can try.  She said she would think about it.  And then we decided that we would have a girls night out.  I cracked them up by saying “oh my, I’m gonna have to have a nap before we go out and it can’t be on a work night!”.  Yeah, I’m not the firecracker I was in my twenties.  😀

The dating world is tough.  I totally get it.  What I don’t get is how this girl can still be single, she’s beautiful, ambitious, intelligent and kind and yet no one’s snatched her up.  Makes me wonder.


My nephews are pretty much the loves of my life.  I’m sappy enough to admit it.  They give me great joy, even when they’re having a tantrum.  And let me tell you, I’ve been your typical “parent” with one of them dragging at me while crying bloody murder through the mall (I have a tendency to torture myself by babysitting them by myself – I know, it’s crazy), but it’s all good cause I can return them at the end of the day.  😀

My oldest nephew is almost 4 and a half years old and I just love hearing him chatter.  He’s got this incredibly cute voice.  I was telling him the other day “don’t change your voice!” to which he responded with a cute “ok!”.  And then he proceeded to do this motion of capturing his voice in his little hand and giving it to me.  Isn’t that too damn cute?  I think so.

My youngest nephew is 2 and half years old and incredibly cute.  And, lucky thing he’s cute because he’s got a slight mean streak and quite the stubborn nature.  Although lately, according to his mom, his older brother is teasing him.  And, I actually did witness that recently.  They were fighting for a toy, which my younger nephew had first but my older nephew kept trying to take it away from him.  Finally, after a rough back and forth, my youngest nephew got up and in one huff pushed his brother away and bulldozed it over to my dad leaving his brother in the dust.  My older nephew stomped in frustration and gave a little yell, but didn’t give chase.  It was so interesting to see them fight. 

The dynamics are so different than with my brother and I, but that’s a given considering I’m female and he’s male so we never really fought over toys, but we could fight.  We had some pretty good battle royales going between us when we were younger and I use to get him into trouble all the time.  My younger nephew is me as a child and my older nephew is my brother as a child.  I’m ashamed to admit I had a bit of a mean streak as a little girl, but I quickly grew out of that.  So, I think my little nephew will be fine.

It’ll be interesting to see how these two brothers get along as they get older, their personalities are so different.  I’m looking forward to seeing them grow up.