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I was pretty busy at work yesterday.  I was doing some manual labour at one of our warehouses.  I was helping my boss out since she volunteered to liquidate some stuff for the company bosses.

So, this warehouse is a rather nice one, except for the fact that the floors are concrete.  And, that’s a given in a warehouse, but that wrecks havoc on my back.  Since I was doing manual labour, I was pretty much on my feet all day.  After about 4 hours of hard work my hips started hurting.  I knew they would, but I ignored the pain.  But, by the end of 5 hours I was pretty cranky and was looking forward to getting back into the office.

I have a history of very bad back pain and I do not want a repetition of what happened to me a few years back when my back was out continiously for 6 weeks.  That was so painful I was almost in tears from that.  Anyways, I digress, so yeah, by the end of the day I was pretty sore and very cranky.

My poor friend, I went out last night with her and I was just bitching away.  I apologized though, for my foul mood.  I didn’t direct any of it at her, except when she called to confirm plans, I apologized of course.  I’m cranky only when I’m super tired, super hunger and have back pain (for an extensive period of time).  I used super quite a bit there didn’t I?  Apologies for the lack of better words.  But, I was trying to express that I have to be to the extreme before I’m cranky, otherwise I’m pretty mellow.

Last night was not my mellow day.  But, today is a better day and its Friday!  I’m having lunch with my best guy friend so that already puts me in a good mood.  😉