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I was walking down Nelson street in Vancouver and almost created a human pile-up cause I stopped so suddenly.  I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but no, here’s your proof (taken on my new crackberry storm – I’m weak, so sue me – it was handy while I was out of town):


Now, I’m not sure if I’d use this toilet, although it was tempting just to see the inside of it (I know, a toilet is a toilet, but outside in an urban downtown area?).  It was quite the sight.  I don’t think it was there before, but then again, I never walked downtown as much as I did this trip.  In any case, it gave me a good chuckle.

Then I went down Granville street and couldn’t resist taking a pic of it as well, because I know the next time I’m in town it won’t be the same.  I wanted to capture it’s essence before they try to clean this area for the 2010 Olympics.


Its a grungy part of the downtown core, but I love its character.  Anyways, these random pics of Vancouver shows you a bit of its character.  And below shows you how proud the city is of hosting the 2010 Olympics, they have a countdown clock at the VAG!  Note that at the time I was there the Olympics were: 351 days, 3 hours, 15 minutes and 28 seconds away.



I was thinking about what to bring to my best guy’s Christmas party.  Wine came to mind, but I wanted to do something different and bringing wine would be boring and knowing me I’d get bad wine since I know almost nothing about alcohol. 

At his last party I made grilled prawn skewers, which was a great hit.  But, I decided not to do that this time.  Then, on Friday I was at Walmart, and there was this mega sale on Betty Crocker cake mix.  As I was reading the instructions on the back, it came to me, cupcakes…cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles.  Cupcakes it was.


It all starts with Betty


Fresh out of the oven


Lined up like little soldiers ready for frosting


Finished product

My decorating abilities were not professional, but I tried my best (I screwed up only one cupcake out of 36).  When I brought them to the party my best guy was impressed.  I kinda felt like my cupcakes weren’t posh enough, only because he does such a fabulous job of decorating his condo.  Just his Christmas tree alone is incredible.

I call this the "Martha Stewart" tree

I call this the "Martha Stewart" tree

The party went really well and it was a lot of fun, it was nice to mingle and talk with so many different people.  On my way home I was stopped by the R.I.D.E. program.  This was the conversation:

Officer:  Hi, have you been drinking any alcohol tonight?
Me: Um, no
Officer: So, you don’t have any opened bottles of alcohol in your vehicle (scans my car)?
Me: Um..no (looks innocently into the eyes of the officer)
Officer: Opened bottles of anything?
Me: Well, no..oh, just an empty water bottle
Officer: How about any dead bodies in the trunk? (I see a half smile)
Me: Hm…(pausing for effect)…no, no dead bodies
Officer: Ex-husbands in the trunk? (smiling now, obviously joking with me)
Me: Nope, none of those (laughing)
Officer: Are you sure now? (laughing as well)
Me: Definitely not!  Just this empty bottle of water (waving said bottle at him)
Officer: (gives me a few pats on the back) Ok, then, have a great evening (smiles)
Me: (smiles back) ok, thanks!

I drove off, passing another police officer who smiled at me, and then thought to myself  “did that officer dude just touch me on the back”?!  I’m sure he was just being friendly, but it was strange.  I’ve been stopped by R.I.D.E. a few times and don’t ever remember them being that touchy feely nor that jokey and friendly.  But, thinking about it, dude can pat my back, crack jokes anytime as long as I don’t get into trouble.


A picture of peacefulness….

I should be packing, but I’m writing instead.  I’m actually procrastinating.  I have a lot on my mind and can’t focus on packing right now, therefore I’m writing instead.  Plus, I’m waiting for the nail polish to dry on my cute little toes….ok, cute to me anyways.  Packing is probably my worse thing to do.  I hate it when I have to pack for a trip.  I never know how much to bring.  Or what to bring, or why I’m bringing it

Now that I’m going to be traveling more, with musings from my boss that some of it will be international now…yikes…I’m really going to have to divert back to how I use to pack.  Just bring what I need and don’t get crazy.

Anyways, enough about business travel, I’m talking personal travel.  So, yeah, have no freakin idea how much to bring and the polish is almost dry.  Almost, not yet so I’ll keep blogging randomly.  I’m feeling a little loopy.  I always do when I have to pack because it just drives me batty thinking about what I might have forgotten to bring with me.

On a different note I had a very nice dinner with my dad.  My mom’s been out of the country, so dad’s been by himself, so I’ve been trying to have dinner with him at least once a week on top of our trip to see my nephews.  It was fun talking with my dad, he tends to reveal more when my mom’s not around dominating the conversation.  He confirmed to me my worse fears, kidding, that my youngest nephew is indeed a replica of me as a child.  He also told me some interesting things that I never knew, apparently I have been to Hawaii, Korea and Taiwan, of course it doesn’t really count cause I can’t remember it, but it was fun to learn what a little traveler I was as a child.  It wasn’t as fun, although funny, to learn what a little princess I was as a child.

Its nice to bond with my dad.  I love my mom, but my dad and I have a more relaxed relationship.  Anyways, enough procrastinating, I must pack plus my cute litte toes are dry now.  😀


I make a mean fried rice.  Actually, its better than any fried rice you’ll have in a restaurant.  I know, I’m being big time immodest, but seriously my fried rice is awesome.  All my friends agree, they love my fried rice, up there along with my wontons and stir fry’s.



Final Product:

I think I made enough for an army, but that’s the only way I know how to make fried rice, in large, huge portions. 

My fried rice has: bbq pork, mushrooms, green onions, eggs and shrimp.  I cut up everything and then cook it up individually before I throw it all in with the rice.  The reason why I cook the shrimp, eggs and mushrooms individually is to add more flavour to the final product.  I didn’t put any ham in this version, just the bbq pork.  It still came out great though.

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again, I enjoy cooking.  Takes my mind off everything and I’m just thinking about my end product as I cook.  And last night it was yummy fried rice.