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I’m worried about my friend.  My friend called me tonight to tell me about this very strange conversation she had with our friend that left her very worried.  Our friend is the mother of my godchild.  She’s had four kids in the span of 6 years, with one miscarriage in between.  I’ve known her since university and she’s always been a strong, resilient person.  I’ve hardly ever seen her weak or vulnerable.

I can’t begin to even understand the stresses of raising four kids.  I’m tired out from having a day with my nephews, so I can’t fathom 24/7 with four kids.  So, I got a call from her about 2 weeks ago telling me the hell she’s been through in the past few months.  I had an inkling about it after her third pregnancy, but she seemed to have bounced back.  This time it seems more serious and my friend and I are thinking maybe she has developed postpartum depression after her fourth child.  We’ve never seen her like this before. 

So, tomorrow (Friday), my friend and I will be giving her a much needed mini-break – we’ve been planning this since she left that message – its been hard to get a hold of her since, but thankfully we finally decided on a day to help her out.  Its not much, but I’m going to bring lunch, clean her place up, do some laundry, pick-up my friend (who will help in the evening with me), and then I’ll make her my world famous (ok, I think so!) chicken stir fry for dinner, and then put the kids down for bed.  My friend and I have decided we’ll try to do it next week as well (and continue to do it for as long as they need), and since I have the time now, might as well use it productively and usefully.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow, it’ll put my mind at ease a little just to see her and hopefully make her laugh a little with my silliness.  She said she needed a laugh and I plan to deliver!

Its interesting how pregnancy, and the after effects of it, can whack a women out of balance, hormonally speaking.  It has certainly affected my friend.  I’ve never, ever seen her this emotional, stressed and vulnerable, ever.  It just breaks my heart.