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I’ve been so lazy lately, haven’t accomplished anything with my condo.  I haven’t put up any photo’s, decorated (in any way), taken any bins down to my locker, nothing.  I just kinda stare at the mess that is my den right now.  I’m not sure why I’m in this state of…….um…….non-activity, but I am.  Actually, maybe I’m just still burnt out from all the purging, packing, purging, packing and more purging I went through to move……I’m not sure.  But, I am sure that I need to get out of this funk.

I came back recently from a trip to Portland, Oregon.  It’s probably one of my favourite cities in the U.S.  And, the tax-free shopping helps too.  I’ve been to Portland many times, but usually either went with someone or visiting someone who would take me around.  This time I was on my own, so I decided to do a walking tour, I wanted to do something different and I read some great reviews about these walking tours.  I went on an Epicurean walking tour, so basically I walked around downtown and the Pearl district and sampled food along the way.  It was a terrific tour and definitely worth the money spent.  I learned a lot more about the city then I already knew so that was good.

I didn’t do as much shopping as I had anticipated that I would, but since I’m not a big shopper to begin with, I wasn’t surprised.  I did get to see the Rose Garden, which was so pretty.  Everything was in bloom and I took a few photo’s (as you see above) and smelled a few roses.  I had not anticipated going up there, but glad to have gone because Portland is the “City of Roses” so how can I visit without even stepping foot into the Rose Garden?

It was good to get away it renewed my itch to travel.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of vacation days leftover for the year (thanks to my move) so I need to spread them out.  I really enjoyed my time in Portland, so much so that I want to go back again!  Anyways, I’ll see how things go….I don’t like to plan too far ahead, I’d rather just be spontaneous.



Toronto's Eaton Centre

I really don’t like shopping.  Its just not my thing.  I can’t even bring myself to go to the mall and finish my Christmas shopping.  You’d think with all the time I have now that I’d be living in the mall, yeah, that won’t be me.  And, considering I don’t have as much disposable income as before, I do need to keep myself away from the toothpaste sales  going on..lol..kidding. 

So, in my second week of freedom, I’ve decided to take a walk around my neighbourhood every afternoon.  Well, every afternoon that I’m home that is.  I’ve been pretty busy, busier than when I was working.  It’s interesting how your time fills out so quickly when you have free time.  Anyways, it’s freaking cold outside, but it’s nice to go for a walk.  It’s actually refreshing.  Although walking around a bunch of punk ass kids getting out of school isn’t my favourite, so I’m going to go in the earlier part of the afternoon, to avoid the kiddie crowd.  Oh, I live like two minutes from my old high school, therefore the punk ass school kids.

Anyways, my first Christmas party is this weekend.  I’m looking forward to it.  I love seeing my best guy and he’ll make me laugh, something I’ve been sorely missing (well, my nephews make me laugh, but that’s a bit different).  Laughter is a great release, therapeutic actually, and I love to laugh, whether it be at myself, or something crude or hilarious someone says to me.  I am putty in your hands if you make me laugh out loud.  

I’m already smiling just thinking about it.


Hm..wonder what brand of toothpaste I like, eh?

Hm..wonder what brand of toothpaste I like, eh?

I have an addiction (among a few others I’ll never confess to..lol)…………..I’m a Stockpilieraholic. 

On the weekend, I decided to go through some of my stuff in my spare bedroom to see what I could gather as gifts for Christmas.  I wasn’t being cheap, its just that I’ve bought stuff for the express purpose of giving them away as gifts.  So, I went through my storage bins in my spare bedroom again to figure out exactly what I had.

Well, guess what I found while shifting through the bins?  Apparently, I have a million tubes of toothpaste, like what the hell is that about?  Here’s the thing – when it goes on sale I get brain dead and go into a buying frenzy of cheap toothpaste forgetting I have enough for a family of 10.  Seriously, I kid you not, thats why I took photographic evidence of it.  Is there any sane reason why a single girl needs 9 tubes of toothpaste (there may be more hiding, I’m afraid to admit)?

Anyways, I did find quite a few items I had bought to be given away, so, there’s a few people I can scratch off my Christmas list.  What else did I find in my dig?  Well, I have enough moisturizer to last me a million years, bars of travel size soaps that will keep me squeaky clean while I’m on my business travel extravaganza early next year and an assortment of other things that are not worth repeating.  I went through all this stuff a few months back when I was cleaning, but couldn’t quite admit to my addiction, but I can no longer hide it.  Aiya…I need to stop this madness of stockpiling household items!!

The digging was good, because I’m going to donate a load to charity – I’d been meaning to go through the stuff again after my intial organization, but got busy, so this was good.  I put some stuff aside for donation, perfect timing since Christmas is around the corner.

I pledge to stop the stockpiling.  I’m not a shopper – I can go weeks without stepping into the mall, but I tend to buy things on sale and then just put them away and forget about it.  From now on, buy only what I need, seriously, less is always better.


I love all gadgets.  I’m not sure how this love started, but its there and I can’t get rid of it.  I love my iPod Nano.  I purchased my first one in Portland, Oregon.  Land of steel bridges and Powell’s bookstores.  Anyways, I upgraded my iPod a year later and gave my old one to my friend.

I listen to my iPod mainly to chill out, relax and sometimes, when I’m in a silly mood I’ll dance around my condo listening to my tunes.  And sometimes I’ll do that even when I’m not feeling silly -its a great stress reliever.  I’m really fussy about my music so I carefully load it with music that won’t annoy me over time.  Yes, I really am that fussy, and I have eclectic taste in music, at least that’s what my friends say.  So, I was quite content with my 2nd generation iPod.  I hated the look of the 3rd generation, so I was never tempted to upgrade.

So, about 2 weeks ago, I went to connect my pod with my computer to upload a song I had bought on iTunes.  Well, guess what?  My computer wouldn’t acknowledge that my iPod existed.  So, after many attempts of doing everything the Apple help thing said to do, except throw it against a wall in frustration, nothing.  I even tried to see if it was just my computer, it wasn’t.  And, to fix my iPod would be about the cost of a new one, so, guess what?  I bought me a new one in Buffalo and recycled my old one and left it there.  And, I got a 10% discount on my purchase for recycling it!

My purchase coincided perfectly with the launch of the new iPod Nano, so I didn’t have to buy the previous one which I didn’t like.  Timing is everything people.  I’m loving this new iPod, its sleek and has a few cool features to it.  And, hopefully this sucker lasts me longer than my old one – I plan to take it around the world with me.  Can you believe my first iPod is still working?  My friend hasn’t had one problem with it and I had to dispose of my newer one after only using it for a year.  Sad.

On a slightly related note, I have yet another business trip coming up so this new iPod will come in handy.  I’ll need it to entertain me while surrounded by big men and their big hats….inside joke.  😉


I’m not a shopper and I get really cranky when I haven’t eaten. The two combined – not so good. I can handle not eating for about 6 – 7 hours between meals if I have to, but anything beyond that, cranky pants comes out.

So, the one night that I made my way to downtown Chicago, my co-worker begged to go shopping. She was on this mission to get to Guess and see downtown. I was hungry, but I agreed. We took the El train (my first time!) and my co-worker and I got into an argument when we got off the train. I was ticked by the fact that she was insinuating I had no idea where I was going (not that I even said I was an expert – but I walked pretty much all of downtown last time I was in Chicago and then some, so I was familiar more so than her since she’s never been to the city) because I was trying to get my bearings when we came out of the train station. Usually, I wouldn’t have been so testy, or cared, but my crankiness was starting to set in.

So, I got us to Guess and it went downhill from there. I had to shop for almost 2 hours with her – hungry. She is your typical girly shopper, takes her time, looks at stuff, puts it away, looks at it again, goes around, looks again, repeat cycle. It was driving me bonkers. I have the patience of a 2 year old when it comes to shopping, but I think given the fact that I was getting crankier, I wasn’t doing too bad. No one died.

I think what did me in was when she was trying to find a t-shirt for her boyfriend. It was just a damn t-shirt, but it took her forever to find. That’s not to say I wouldn’t put care in buying something for a boyfriend, but goodness, walking around in circles and several stores to find one t-shirt?

Finally, to my utter joy she purchased a shirt, and we were on our way to eat sushi. Just the thought that I was having food lifted my mood and my co-worker realized how inconsiderate she had been because all of a sudden she was super accommodating to me.

I was given a few suggestions on sushi places and I’m glad I had these suggestions because I ended up going to Oysy on Michigan (later on a sales guy was telling us Sushi Wabi was good too – damn, not enough time to try it all!). I got lost getting to Oysy – I thought it was on N. Michigan versus S. Michigan – and I almost killed the cab driver who insisted 888 S. Michigan didn’t exist, but we got there and the night ended up heavenly – awesome food and my crankiness faded once my stomach was full 😉 .

Yummy sushi!


I hate packing, but I think I hate unpacking even more.  I brought so much shit back from my vacation its not even funny.  No, seriously, its not funny.

I’d show you a picture, but its too embarrassing how much crap I brought back with me (plus, who wants to see my underwear, right?).  I don’t know how to freaking pack for a vacation.  Maybe there are support groups out there for people like me who over pack?  What do you think?

The day I left for my vacation, I went over to my friends place before we left for Buffalo.  You see, we flew out of Buffalo, yeah, not doing that again – I’ll pay the extra and fly out of Pearson.  Anyways, my suitcase was heavy and I was thinking to myself “self, what the hell do you have in your suitcase and do you really need to bring two backpacks with you?”.  Yeah, I brought two backpacks, one with my laptop and the other as an extra that was holding stuff (I won’t go into details).

So, I came to my senses, somewhat, and did a bit of unloading and left my extra backpack and other things I wasn’t going to use at my friends place before we left for Buffalo.  I was able to fit everything into one suitcase and still had some room.  I was quite proud of that – I down sized. 

While in Florida, I did buy a few things, but not enough to over load my suitcase.  But my weakness, and it always has been, is shoes.  And, they are bulky, even if they were just sandals.  Oh, and did I mention that I had promised myself no spending money on shoes?  Right, and that worked out horribly, but I’m giving it another go, no shoes as of now!  No, really!! 

Anyways, with all the sandals I bought, it definitely took up the extra room I had.  My friend bought a hell of a lot more than I did, cause she’s a shopper, I’m a shoe shopper, she’s a everything shopper.  So, I packed some of her stuff in my suitcase, which then over loaded it.  Now I’m left with sorting it all cause we got home so late that I just brought it all home with me.  I need the suitcase for my business trip which is in less than 2 weeks…so I need an empty suitcase and I have to start thinking about what to pack for this business trip.  Aiya!  😀


Since I started my new job, I’ve been thinking alot about revamping my wardrobe.  My least favourite past time, if you can believe it, is looking for clothes.  I really dread it because I can’t stand trying on clothes and looking through racks of clothes.  I don’t have the patience for it.  Or the focus for that matter.  I’m the kind of person who can take one look at a store and know there is absolutely nothing in there for me.  But, I also realize that you have to look through things in order to find something and that’s what I truly dread, taking the time to look through all the racks of clothes, ugh.

Of course the opposite could be said when it comes to drug stores, hardware stores, book stores and electronic stores.  I could spend hours in those stores but can quickly move through a clothing or shoe store (even though I love buying shoes).  For some reason clothes bore me easily and once I get what I want with shoes, I don’t browse.  But, get me into one of the stores I mention above, and watch me browse and browse and browse.  I’m like a kid in a candy store when I’m in those stores.

Anyways, with all my business travel and events that I’m responsible for, I realized that my old wardrobe is not up to snuff.  Its in need of a serious overhaul.  I don’t want to buy too much because eventually I know I’ll need to overhaul it again.  And, it doesn’t help that I’m super casual.  If I could I’d be in a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and my sneakers everyday.  But, alas, the corporate world does not work that way.

I donated a lot of clothes recently, which is why I need to restock.  So, I’m going to haul my ass into a store this weekend, even if it kills me, and look at buying me some dressier clothes.  Ugh.  If there is a god, please help me!  😐