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Steveston, BC

I’ve been clearing out my closets this weekend.  I ended up with a few garbage bags of clothes that I’m going to donate.  I’ve been on a rampage of sorts this weekend because I’m very determined to get my condo ready to sell this year.  It’s daunting for me to move again, because I hate it, moving is a pain in the ass – perhaps moving across the country twice has given me some sort of phobia about it.  But, my place is just too big for me.  I need to downsize.  There are many areas in my life I need to downsize.  I look around at all the stuff I have, all the things I’ve accumulated over the years and a majority of it I don’t even need.  I don’t even know why I bought it in the first place. 

I’ve been going through a lot of drama lately with my friends.  Not related to me (my own life is drama free, thank-you), mostly drama my friends are going through that I’ve needed to be there for them.  And, through it all, I’ve taken a moment to think about my own life and its direction.  I have a big goal I’m eyeing in the next two years and I’m feeling that its falling out of my grasp more and more.  Why?  Many reasons, most of which I can change, so its one of the reasons why I’m starting to get going on cleaning my condo to get it ready to sell.  The market isn’t great right now, I don’t live in a hot spot where my place will sell in a second, but I’m not giving myself a reason not to do this anymore.

My friends and I were talking about being self sufficient and living within our means.  And, living in my current place is not living within my means.  Its not that I can’t afford it, but I could save a lot more money, pay off a lot more things, have more financial freedom, if I wasn’t living in it.  Keeping it simple has always been my motto, and I’m starting to realize now that I really need to start living it again.  I may have fallen off this mantra of mine, but I’m getting back on it.

I have say though…those damn bags of clothes are freakin heavy!