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I haven’t been sleeping well, in fact, I haven’t slept well in many years.  I use to sleep right through the night, but I don’t anymore.  Sometimes I wonder if its because of my snoring?  I don’t really want to go to a sleep clinic because all they ever want to do is loop you up with drugs.  No thanks, I’m not big on taking drugs to cure all ailments.

So, I’ve been up since 6am, therefore my blogging.  I had a particularly hard time sleeping last night.  I’ve been reading before going to bed hoping that this relaxes me enough to sleep, but that hasn’t worked.  And, no, I don’t do the milk thing before bed.  Once I brush my teeth, no food shall pass.  I’m a little anal that way.  It’s not like I’ve had a lot on my mind, I mean I have a few things on my mind, but nothing that is stressing me out.  Maybe worrisome, but not stressful. 

Perhaps another reason could be my bed instead of the snoring.  I’ve had the mattress for over 10 years now and I know you’re suppose to change the mattress within 10 years, so perhaps its time to go mattress shopping?  The reason why I think it might be my bed is because when I sleep on a nice hotel mattress, like the one I recently slept on when I was in Chicago, I get a  good nights sleep.  But, I’m holding off on purchasing the mattress though because I’m not sure whether my living situation will be changing.  Although, if I’m honest, its not really the reason, I’m just too damn lazy to go mattress shopping 😀 .

Well, I hope to make-up all this lost sleep on the weekend.  I have plans, but thankfully it doesn’t involve me waking up early!