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Work is definitely not my life.  I don’t get caught-up in it, I don’t take it home with me.  And, I rarely talk about it with friends.

There was a time when I wasn’t this way.  I think with each job change I’ve had, I have slowly transformed and haven’t really allowed myself to get worked up over work.  It’s not that I am not ambitious, but I don’t care to stress myself out about something, in the whole scheme of it, doesn’t affect my personal life.  I feel that as long as I do my job, it’s all good.

I was talking with my friend last night and all she chattered about was work.  She’s the friend with the terrible assistant, who fortunately, is leaving the job at the end of this week.  Anyways, as I was listening to her I couldn’t help but notice how caught-up she is with work.  She may say she isn’t, but when I listen to her I can tell very clearly how much she’s allowing it to affect her life.  I mean work is important to me too, doing a good job is important, but I won’t lose a piece of myself in the process, nor am I going to allow myself to be consumed by it.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past three years and one thing I know now is that I will never allow myself to get consumed by my career ever again.  I’m in a job now that I enjoy and although it has its glitches, when the clock hits 5pm, I don’t think about it till the following day when I’m back at work. 

Sometimes it makes me wonder though when I listen to my friend, should I be this passionate about my work?  Am I missing something?  I am passionate about a lot of things, but work is not one of them.  And, yet I don’t think I’m missing out on anything, my friend and I, we’re just two different people.   

We’re leaving on vacation together soon, so I’m going to make sure there’s no talk of work and there’s definitely lots of fun to be had.  😀


I met up with my former co-worker last night.  It was nice to see her, but I’m also glad I don’t see her everyday anymore.  I know, it sounds mean, but I’m honestly not being mean.  For my health and wellness its good that I see her only once in awhile now.

Have you ever been friends with someone who’s always hyper or high-stressed?  So much so that they make you feel the same way?  She’s like that for me. I use to have lunch with her everyday and also with a bunch of other women.  And, she was not only loud but just very hyper, and it stressed me out just watching her!  I’ve never had anyone make me feel this way.  She was also one of those people who had to have all the attention on her and she told stories, very detailed, all through out lunch.  I just wanted to sit quietly and eat, you know?

Anyways, she has a very good heart, a little moody, but she has good intentions and it was good to see her.  We got caught up with all the gossip at my former work place and it feels good to know that I made the right decision to move on.  Plus, honestly, its nice to have relaxing lunches again.  I miss her and the girls I had lunch with, but I don’t miss the craziness of it all.  On my last day I had brought food for everyone and she just went crazy arranging stuff and portioning things that I finally had to tell her to stop because she was making my last lunch way too stressful!  She wouldn’t stop fussing, so I had to tell her to stop the madness.

As I get older, it becomes more important for me to maintain some calm….so even though I miss having lunch with them, its nice to have my sanity and calm atmosphere back.  😉