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My favourite purchase at the Ex….well, it was practically my only purchase other than an olive tapenade.  And, I actually didn’t buy this bag, my brother bought it for me.  Its from a Fair Trade vendor at the Ex.  They had all these interesting bags there but I liked this one the best because, well, cause it says “S.N.U.B.” on it.  I saw a few other bags that I liked at other stalls, but they were so overpriced.  I was not willing to pay $60 on a bag that was just fabric.  So, why not a bag that’s good for the environment and has a catchy phrase and is only $4.99?

The Ex was a bit nicer this year than last year.  There seemed to be more rides this year.  Last year it was all about the vendors and buying stuff.  It was much better this year around.  The weather was fabulous too.  It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cool.  Just about right and it was sunny, which was nice for a change.  We’ve had so much rain recently it’s been crazy.

I tried not to eat my way around the Ex, but it was hard.  I started off with some Tiny Tom donuts, seriously, I’ve blogged about this before, but you cannot go to the Ex without having these damn donuts.  Its not a visit unless you partake in some.  Then we went to lunch and I wasn’t too bad, but I had an ice cream cone afterwards.  I love soft serve ice cream.  I love ice cream, period.  Anyways, other than that I didn’t have any other bad snacks, so not too bad considering last year I almost ate my way around the Ex.

My favourite game at the Ex is the fishing game, where you have this rod and a magnet at the end of the rod.  Your mission is to catch the fish with your magnet and when you do you get a prize.  I like the games where you always get a prize.  I think I spent about $40 on the boys doing those various types of games, but it was just so nice to see a big, happy, excited smile on their faces when they won stuff.

I may be too old to go on the rides, but I’m never too old to go to the Ex.  Always brings back great memories.  😛