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I’m sitting in my hotel room, finally able to relax and take it easy.  I have never worked so hard, my body is aching everywhere.  It’s so nice to not have to be around any work people tonight.  I ordered myself room service so my belly is full and I’m now listening to my iPod while I’m typing away.

I’m plotting my way into the city – downtown Chicago.  My co-worker is desperate to get away from our other co-workers.  I’m with her on this one, I’ve just about had it with a few of them myself.  Work is work, I can handle the fact that from 9 – 5 I need to be around these people, but when I have to be around them beyond that, it gets pretty tough for me.  And, since this is a trade show, I know I have to spend around 12 hours of my day with them.  I can deal, but I definitely need my own time.

Tomorrow, Friday, I’m hoping to get into the city with my co-worker after the show closes.  We’re going to lie and say we’re meeting up with friends in the city that I know.  LOL….I’m so bad at lying, I’m not sure if I can pull it off, so, we’ll see.  I think I’ll have to get my co-worker to do all the lying.  We can’t say she has friends because her co-worker knows that she doesn’t know anyone here.   I’m not totally lying, I do know someone here, I know it doesn’t matter, but it just makes the honest girl in me feel better that I’m not completely lying. (look, Mom and Dad taught me to be honest!!)

Ahhhh…the complicated web we weave to get away from the people you work with.  The thing with business travel and in particular with my company is that they do a lot of things together – although it’s apparently better now.  I plan to break that mold.  I’m not big on socializing with the people I work with.  Normally, there is probably one person I’ll get to know well, someone I don’t work closely with (such as the girl who’s going into the city with me), the rest I put at arms length. 

Anyways, here’s to some fun times in Chicago.  😛

Damn…I’m tired.


So, I’m off on my first business trip with the new company.  I’m looking forward to it – others aren’t as much.  It seems that the morale in our company isn’t that great.  And, that’s too bad because I’m trying to keep my nose out of the work politics.  I just nod and smile while my co-workers bitch and complain.

As per usual, I’m hating packing myself up again.  Shoes are going to be my downfall because I’m not sure which shoe will provide me with the comfort I need while I’m working on concrete for 8 – 10 hours a day.  So, I just went crazy and packed up a shitload of shoes.  I’m sure I’ll have it down to a science once I do a few more of these trips cause I know I’ll hate lugging around a lot of stuff.

I went out with my co-worker last night.  We went for sushi.  She had a bad day at the office and needed to talk.  She felt like either punching a few people or crying.  I told her to do neither and to just take a deep breath and let it go.  Then, we started envisioning all these nasty things we would do to the people at work we couldn’t stand – just to let off some steam by laughing at our ridiculous visions.  I could only name two people I didn’t like, but I don’t dislike them enough that it bothers me.  I can totally handle them, but high maintenance, snotty people always rub me the wrong way.

So, I felt bad for my co-worker.  I know she’s having a tough go of it because she’s never quite encountered what she’s experiencing right now.  And she’s not looking forward to our trip, she’s also going.  She doesn’t want to hang around with anyone, other than me and her immediate supervisors.  I totally understand that, because I know I’ll need a break from everyone.  But, for her, it’s mainly because she dislikes them so much she doesn’t want to spend any time with them. 

Work politics – it’s terrible if you allow it to suck you in.  😐


I sit in this small area at work.  There are two offices (one belonging to my boss) and 4 cubicles in the area, one of which I occupy.  The three people who sit in the other cubicles are such characters.

I’ve mentioned the 25 year old, who was shocked that I was wild back in my youth, he sits in one of these cubicles in my area.  He makes me laugh.  He’s so passionate about work.  I’ve been trying to calm him down cause he’ll lean over my cubicle and bitch about something that just happened.  Sometimes I’m not sure if he’s serious or not (cause he can carry on), but I try to tell him that he’s young and he’s not quite dipped his feet into the corporate world yet but he’ll learn to just go with the flow after awhile.

He asked me how I can remain so benevolent and calm about things.  Really, that’s not the case, I care, but I don’t care to let it engulf me.  I know when to speak up and when to just let it go.  After the amount of job changing I’ve done over the years, it comes to a point where I realize that getting worked up and stressed out is not worth it.  But, he can’t grasp that and I feel for him.  Poor guy.

The four of us were all standing around in our area yapping away and the 25 year says to me “how are you liking it?”.  I looked around and being the smartass that I am, said “I’m a ray of sunshine thank-you” to which they all cracked up laughing.  The other girl in my area piped up and said ‘No, you’re a freaking ray of sunshine!”.  Honestly, my current company has problems, but hell, there is no “perfect” company to work for out there, I don’t care what you say.  The best thing is to work for yourself if you can’t handle the work politics.

On another note, I’m going on vacation soon.  I’m looking forward to not working for a week, and chilling out before I come back to craziness and my first business trip.  So, even though I’m not sure of the actual vacation itself, I’m grateful to have the time off.


I was awoken last night, just before falling asleep by a call from a former co-worker in Vancouver.  I was so pleasantly surprised by it.  Even though I was this close to falling asleep.

We started in on all the gossip that’s gone on at the company I use to work for.  I breath a sigh of relief that I’m no longer there.  I mean, don’t we all with our former jobs? 

We got into a discussion about a former mutual co-worker of ours and how much she’s changed.  Or maybe she hasn’t changed and has always been a self-serving you-know-what.  I’d say “bitch” but that would be too mean..lol.  Seriously, it’s sad because I use to be very close to this mutual co-worker and we were friends outside of work.  I helped her out when no one else would and what did I get?  A stab in the back, that’s what I got.  And, for that, I won’t speak to her again.  I can forgive her, but I can’t be friends with her.  And, apparently she’s done the same thing to my former co-worker, which sucks because this women helped her get her job (that’s right my former co-worker’s job – she retired) when she moved back to Vancouver and the way she’s treated her since is atrocious. 

Anyways, this former co-worker was happy that I had started a new job.  She was calling to tell me that she had given me a glowing reference – again, after I already started the job!  I told her where my frist business trip would be and she was so excited for me.  She told me I should come visit her, I always stay with her when I go to Vancouver.  I’d love to get out to Vancouver, but I haven’t determined my travel schedule right now at work, so I can’t commit to anything, which sucks.

It was so nice to catch-up with her because I’ve missed that connection with my Vancouver “family”.  Vancouver will always be my second home.  🙂